5 Things I Look Forward This Month

Hello everyone. It's the first weekend of 2019. I wonder what are you guys doing? I am currently in the mood of reading novels, so I might spend my weekend reading it and hopefully I manage to finish it as soon as possible. In January every year, I start fresh and left everything from the past behind. The vibes that I had for the beginning of the year are the best. I feel excited and looking forward to a better day.

So here are my 5 things that I Look Forward On The Month of January.

  • Buy things that I want
Ever since I start shopping last year, I can't stop myself from looking up through online shopping apps and websites. I wanted to buy so many things like novels, stationaries, skincare, makeup, food and malicious things like phone case, blanket etc but I controlled myself from buying those things. But when I did that, my mind cannot stop thinking about it and I think I should really buy it. Don't you think so?
  • Bullet Journal
I love looking back at my bullet journal and remember what had happened on that day and I also miss spending my time writing a journal but at the same time, I couldn't commit myself to be on track. I have a book for it already but unfortunately, it is not like what I wanted. So I need time to buy another one and start bullet journalling again by this month.
  • Read a new novel
A few days before 2018 ended, I started to read a new novel. It took me about three days to finish the whole story. During the first day, I read only chapter one and continue reading it on day 3 from the evening till early morning. Remind me of my old days where I stayed up at night just to finish a novel. I have a novel left to be read and I am going to buy another one soon. So hopefully I will be able to love reading again just like before.
  • Consistent in publishing a blog post
I knew I rarely updated this blog. You can even count it how many times I published posts last year. I do not promise to publish 100++ post in a year but I hope I could be consistent in publishing a new post. As for now, I already have a full list of blog posts for this month. I hope you guys can look forward to the new blog posts.
  • Gfriend's January Comeback
I remember on my previous posts, I questioning when will Gfriend announce their comeback, and finally, my long awaiting months are totally worth it. I listened to their teaser for Sunrise yesterday and I totally love it. I even thinking of making it as my ringtone. [Tutorial: here] From what I read, this comeback is a continuation of Time For the Moon Night and Sunny Summer but we will find out on this coming 14th January. Just a few days left and I cannot wait anymore!

What you looking forward to this month? Is it something that you really wanted to do?


  1. I hope you can achieve your goals in this year :) xoxo

    1. Aminn. I wish for that too. Wish you all the best for 2019 ❤

  2. I managed to be consistent in my blog posting for a month then it went downhill lol.

    1. I feel you. It happened to me too before. Lets wish that it wont happen again this year 😉

  3. I am looking forward on passing my assessment T_T


    1. Wishing you all the best for your assessment. I know you can do it. Fighting! ❤


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