Poem #2 : I Wonder... by SR

Monday, 3 March 2014

I wonder if
You think about me 
As much as I think of you.

Do you wonder if I've moved on?
If I'm happier that you're gone?
Or if I'm miserable and a mess
Because I wonder.

You've probably forgotten already
All the good times we shared
It's still fresh in my mind
With every blink and stare.

So forgive me if I'm wrong
But it's killing me today
Not speak and laugh with you
My soul is washing away.


  1. i wonder,did u read my blog?haha..kidding :)

  2. Dah lama tak terjah sini, hari ni baru dapat terjah blog awk :)

    Mohon singgah dan follow blog saya awksweetgitu.blogspot.com :)


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