Colouring Is Just For Kids?

Thursday, 17 December 2015

Assalamualaikum and Hi! You guys know that I just finished my Diploma. And as for now, there is nothing for me to do except blogging, watching Runningman, sleeping and etc. After a while, I found out my new hobby. Which is colouring!

Yes, C O L O U R I N G.

Who says colouring is just for kids, huh? Haha. Even now adults also can do the colouring. There are a lot of colouring books specially made for adults like Secret Garden, Enchanted Forest, Fabulous Flowers and more. 

I bought Secret Garden one at Mr DIY last few months like for some pages only. At that time, I just bought it because I don't want to waste my time by doing nothing. But, once I start at the first page, I stopped. It is because I just have my Faber Castell 12 colours only. You know the basic one in a small pencil colour. It such a boring to use just 12 colours so I stop. And last few weeks, I bought Faber Castell 24 Tri Colour Pencils and start to colour back. Yeah, I've done like 4 to 5 pages now. Each page takes about one day and a half - 2 days to finish. How long is that? Haha. But, it's ok'ay cause I do not spend my time doing something un-useful, right?

So, enjoy watching my colouring done. Haha

Tolong cakap hasilnya cantik, please? Haha

And for those who doesn't want to spend much on buying a colouring book, you might just google 'Adult Colouring Book' and choose your favourite one then print it out. I know, you're welcome and enjoy your colouring! 

I need to learn how to colour tho. Learn how to mix the colour, make it two tones, and so on. Can someone help me? ^^

Colouring is FUN!

I think I will go find the full one of Secret Garden cause it is so cute and I will buy new colour pencils in the future. Maybe 36 colours one? Hahaha


  1. nope.. its not just for kids.. i find it enjoyable even as an adult.. haha

    1. Yeah, someone is on my side. Colouring can a theraphy for everyone, right? Haha

  2. dah follower ya..tahnia sponser GA Cik akak

  3. Cantik & kreatif...Done follow #1302... Dijemput untuk memeriahkan kontest MYiDEAKiNi yan gsedang berlangsung yer...

    1. Terima kasih sudi follow dan jemput. InsyaAllah :)

  4. Lawa sgt2 lah Syaza....haiii Fiza follow sini ;-)

  5. As salam. Colouring activities are not solely meant for children. Adults also can get involved in thus new hobby. I follow your blog. no 1311. TQ.


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