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Sunday, 6 December 2015

To be honest, I'm not hardcore fans of Kpop. But, there are a few of Kpop artists/groups that I focus on. For example, Girls' Generation, Super Junior and a few more. But since a few months ago, I just accidently attracted to GFriend (the rookie group) Correct me if I'm wrong. 

How Did I Know Them?

From Youtube. Early September, a video of Gfriend perform their song 'Me Gustas Tu' become viral just because two of the group members fall a few times due to the slippery stage. I'm not strong enough to watch the whole video at the first time, but manage to finish watching the video during my second time. From that, I know how strong are they to become an artist. Can you imagine how sad you are when you fall during your performances? I can see that she does feel upset. But they have to finish their performance after all, right?

Starting from that, I started to like them and become their fans. I starting to figure out who they are, their songs, and more. Yeah, Fall in love with them! They are so cute yet talented. It reminds me of Girls Generation during their first debut. Hopefully, Gfriend also will be successful just like Girls Generation right now. But, I can see that after that incident, Gfriend gain more fans and supporters. It's good, right?

Group Members

GFriend has 6 members which are Sowon, Yerin, Eunha, Yuju, SinB and Umji.

Sowon (Leader)



Yuju (Main Vocal)


She just looks like Jessica from Girls Generation, right?

Eumji (Maknae)

Sowon (Kim So-jung; 김소정; born December 7, 1995 Yerin (Jung Ye-rin; 정예린; born August 19, 1996 Eunha (Jung Eun-bi; 정은비; born May 30, 1997 Yuju (Choi Yu-na; 최유나; born October 4, 1997 SinB (Hwang Eun-bi; 황은비; born June 3, 1998) Umji (Kim Ye-won; 김예원; born August 19, 1998)


Here's some of G-Friend's song that I loved to hear every day. Actually, G-friend has a few more songs but I can't find all of it. 

1. Glass Bead

2. Me Gustas Tu

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  1. Artis kpop...cik akak tak berapa minat,,..tapi comel2 je kan

    1. Its okay. Lain orang lain minat dia kan? Yup, dorang memang comel. hehe

  2. Rasa GFriend ni pernah datang Running Man buat persembahan gitu. Comel je nampak


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