Feeling Down

Saturday, 13 February 2016

Feeling Down

These last few days,
I don't know where my heart and feelings went to.
I'm not being the usual me at all.
I get angry over little things. 
Crying hardly when I think about everything.
I don't know.
Even right now while typing this entry my eyes are starting to tear up.
What's wrong with me?
Why I become like this?
I promised to myself that I'll never be the old me again but I lost. I lost at my own battle!
I have to fight with my own feelings.
So that I can feel more better and strong than before.

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Its was few days ago and I'm okay, now. Forgot to publish it on that time. Hmm.


  1. be happy~ don't lost in your own battle.. jia you! :D

  2. hey what's wrong? im here for you :)
    im really sorry to hear ur past few days kinda sucked ;(
    but itll be a reset for today, tomorrow and upcoming days okay? :)

    you are perfectly okay. youre doing fine....more than just fine, even.
    take care of yourself today, it'll be okay! <3 hugs!


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