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Monday, 30 May 2016

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The best thing after a looooooonnnnnggggg day is sleep, right? Who's on Earth who doesn't love to sleep. Everyone do. But unfortunately, it is hard for me to get my beauty sleep last few months even now I'm still facing the same problem. I don't even know why it happens to me. Before this, my sleeping time was okay and on time. But as for now, I will not sleep until the clock passes three a.m in the morning. Maybe some of you might think that it is just a normal and simple thing, but believe me not having enough sleep is not good for your body, mind, and everything. We need to have eight hours of sleep, right? But, I only had three to five hours a day.

Because of my lacking of sleep, my productivity is going down and I can't even focus when I do something. Not to mention my headache too. Hmm. I did try so many things to fall asleep. But it doesn't work at all. I try to read a book. I listening to songs. Apply minyak cap kapak (which I always do when I can't sleep at night). Switch off the light. And everything but still it doesn't work at all! While waiting for me to sleep around two to four a.m (sometimes it can be more than that), what I can do is scrolling my phone, reading Wattpad, and rolling on my bed. Yeah, then I fell to sleep. I always said to myself that I want to sleep early every single day but ended up sleep at three or four a.m in the morning.

Alhamdullilah, these few days have been slightly changed. I managed to sleep around twelve to one a.m in the morning. I really really hope it will continue for a long time cause I really really need to take care of my sleep right now.

So, if you have any tips regarding my problems, please do share cause I really really need them so much. Sometimes I just feel like I want to take sleeping pills so that it will be easy for me to fall asleep! Sampai tahap macam tu sekali just because I want to have my beauty sleep back. Hmm.


  1. hoohooo.. masalah kita sama.. senang jer...
    lepas maghrib terus tido.. nanti terjaga dalam kul 2-3 am buat keje solat isyak solat sunat..

    pastu baca2 buku ke apa2 ke.. and then kalau mengantuk tido balik nnti terjaga semula pukul 6am..

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    Pencarian #9 Bloglist By Ahmadhasif segmen....

    1. SR tak biasa tidur lepas Maghrib, but thanks for the tips :)

  2. I feel some warm milk before bed really does the trick.

    1. Heard about this before but never get the chance to try it. Maybe in future? Thanks! :)

  3. Ulama dulu2 tidur sikit je compare to us kan...

  4. kita sama la kak syazaaa. Jie pun dah tak reti tidur awal. hmmm pastu mulalah headache bagai. anyway get well soon ye akak. akak stress kot, take care of yourself, my sister. love u :)

    1. Kan? Pening kepala tu yang paling tak tahan. Take care of yourself too :)

  5. hye syaza ! really long time not being here. miss reading your blog !
    anyway i thought that reading books would help you to fell asleep. since it didn't work, why not make yourself super tired in a day, by playing sports,walking more than your normal day or just go shopping for one whole day long. after that try to read a book again but first thing first switch off all electronics you have.
    by 11 u will get one fine gorgeous sleep ! :D

    hope it helps ! :)

    1. Hi, Anys!
      Its been a while seeing you here. Miss reading your blog too. By the way, thanks for the tips. I think the reasons why I can't sleep probably because of my emotions which I easily get stress. Other than that, might be because of all the gadgets which I always on when I go to sleep.

      Anyway, thanks for the tips! It really helpful.

      Please update your blog and youtube channel (if you've free time) cause I miss to read and watching them. Hehe

  6. You will not sleep until the clock passes three a.m in the morning?
    well, YOU ARE NOT OKAY!

    Hi SR!!!!!!!! Miss me? No? ok.

    Huhu. Hmmmmm alhamdulillah qila satu sem ni mmg gedik (but not) sikit sebab 11.30 memang lompat katil and by 12 memang wajib zzzzz.

    Mindset. Hehe qila mindset kalau nk cantik tidur kena cukup and i reaaaaally need my beauty sleep pastu mcm jgn pegang phone kalau 11.45 tu terus close all apps campak phone and make urself comfy enough to sleep! trying my best to sleep ikut sunnah hehe.

    hm tu jelah kut. and yes. cuba empty your mind. relax. mcm read new articles yang mcm ok aku habis je baca ni aku wajib tidor.
    jgn baca wattpad sbb wattpad endless hui! Huhuhu.

    Hm tah lah. Qila ni baru 5 hari cuti itupun sbb kemain marathon. Pun tertidor @ 3. But ill try my best to sleep before 12 hehe.

    Best of luck to both of us. CHaiyuk SR! u can do it. u just dont figure them out...yet? :D

    1. I know, its totally not okay if that hapeens.

      Hi, Qilah! I did try the tips that you and others have suggested. And guess what. It works! Yay. Lepas ni dah boleh tidur awal sikit daripada sebelum ni.

      Anyway, thanks for the tips! Goodluck to us! Cheers :)

  7. Kdg2 lps balik keje rasa nk tido terus. Tp nk kna masak. Mandi.mkn. lupat baju. Sidai kain. Basuh pinggan. Kemas rumah. Basuh baju. Last2 tdo lewat. Mcm manalah ibu2 bekerja bhgi masa utk ank n husbnd


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