My Top 5 Favourite Gfriend's Songs

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

If you're one of the Kpop fans, of course, you will know Gfriend, right? Or you're not? It is okay! Let me introduce them to you guys. Gfriend or mostly known as Yeojachingu is a six member South Korean girl group formed by Source Music in 2015. The group members are Sowon, Yerin, Eunha, Yuju, SinB, and Umji. You can go check out my previous post about Gfriend where I put a picture and a bit details of every member.

It's All About Gfriend

Back to the main topic, today's entry will be my top 5 Gfriend songs. Gfriend has quite a lot of songs since they have been released 3 mini album since their debut era which is Season of Glass, Flower Bud, and Snowflake. Based on their all mini albums, I will make it short to 5 songs that I really love and like to listen. It not means that I don't like the others song from them, I do like it but not as much as my top 5. Okay? In fact, I already memorized a few song of the lyrics in romanization. Hahaha, sound crazy right? Maybe it just because I like the songs so much so I ended up memorized the lyrics too.

1. Rough

Released the music video and song in January this year, Rough is symbolizing graduation. It's like a trilogy from the other album which are Season of Glass and Flower Bud. When I heard it for the first time, it's already caught my heart. I love the song, melody, choreography, lyrics and everything. I can say that they already 'grown up' and 'matured' compared to the other two albums.

2. Trust

I can't believe it that Gfriend has a ballad song. I really adore Umji's voice for this song because she is adorable and perfect for this kind of genre. It feels a bit weird not to see them dance on the stage since it is a ballad or slow song. All of them are so pretty. When they sing this song, I actually can hear clearly their voice. I think Gfriend suits ballad song too. Wish that their next comeback will be a song like this. 

3. Me Gustas Tu

This song made me notice who is Gfriend. As I mentioned on my previous post about Gfriend, I noticed and started to know Gfriend through a fancam where they performed Me Gustas Tu on the slippery stage. If I said it is slippery, the chance to fall is high right? Yes, that happened to few members of Gfriend. Even Yuju fell almost 8 times on stage due to slippery stage. Poor her. Even she fell, she never stop perform but get up and continue to sing and dance. I can see how strong they're to be an idol group. When I watch Me Gustas Tu MV for the first time, I thought that Jessica (Girls Generation) was on the music video but I'm wrong. Its actually SinB, one of the member of Gfriend that look a bit like Jessica. Haha

4. White

I really really like the choreography of this song because it so sync and catchy. White was the second song that I listened to after Me Gustas Tu. The fact that the song is too catchy make me feel like want to dance too. Hehe

5. Luv Star

I love the choreography for this song especially the 'star' part. I always figure out how to do 'star' like that. But, for the one who didn't know how to dance, you will find its hard to do it or else you will need time to practice to make it happen. This song is cute and catchy too. They look so much fun performing this song.

I think that's all for my top 5 favorite songs of Gfriend. It might be changed by time especially if they make a comeback. I heard that they will be a comeback this June. If it is true, I can't wait to see what kind of genre and songs will be. Really really look forward to that.

If you ask me who is my bias in Gfriend, I can't answer it cause I love all of them and I find it is hard to choose who is my bias. All of them are cute, adorable and sweet!


  1. me too suka group Gfriend ni ~ lagu2 dia mmg best <3

    1. Yay, ada geng. Give me 5 :D

    2. yeah ada jugak buddy dr malaysia..

    3. Hehe. Dah dengar lagu baru dorang? 😊

  2. oooo.. this amazing musiz video..

  3. me gusta tu always be the favourite :)


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