Skincare Routine 2016

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Who's on Earth doesn't want a perfect skin, right? So, taking care of your skin especially face and body are very very important. Even though my skin is not perfect at all but it is a must to take care of it like a baby. Haha

As I mentioned on my others entry, I do have an oily and combination skin also more to acne prone skin. Which is that might be one of the reasons why acnes keep pop up on my face. Having those types of skin is quite hard to take care. I have to do this, I have to do that. Everything. You have to blot your face frequently, wash your face, and everything. Not to mention, my blemishes too. It is so hard, trust me.


Basically, every morning after I woke up I will wash my face using my facial cleanser from Mentholatum. And then, I usually take a piece of tissue and pat dry my face gently. I did use my face towel to dry my face out sometimes but since using towel is not too hygienic, then I just use tissue because once you have used it, you just need to throw it away while for towel, once you used it, all the dirt and oils from your skin will be transferred to the towel and when you use it for the next time, all the junks will be on your face, again. Which is not okay! So when I used face towel for two or three times (for a day), I will soak and wash the towel with warm water and a bit of detergent and rinse it.

I will usually wash my face twice a day which is morning and night. Please note that you can't wash your face more than three times cause it will take away all your natural oil that you have on your skin. Also not to go harsh on your face since the skin in our is not too thick especially eye areas. So, please be gentle with your face.


The current toner that I used is from Aiken which is good for oily and acne prone skin. I did put my toner to my travel size spray bottle so that I won't waste any product, in fact, it is easier and convenience to use. I sprayed three times of the toner onto the cotton pad and pat it to my whole face not to forget neck too gently. At this point, I also did spray my Nano White Fresh Miracle Mist to my face just to make sure my face didn't get oily throughout the day.

Basically, what toner does are refreshes your skin, remove excess oil and dirt, moisturises your skin, and shrinks your pores.

Tips: If you don't have toner, you can make it by your own. I already published an entry about this. You guys can check that out on D.I.Y: Make Your Own Face Toner.


This step is very important. It is still okay if you don't use toner but moisturiser is the most important steps. There are so much moisturiser products in the market and you can choose it according to your preferences and your skin type.

Since I already ran out of moisturiser, I just use my aloe vera gel from Elianto as my moisturiser. It is light, easy to apply, dries fast and the best thing is it doesn't make my skin more oily.

*Extra Steps: These steps are the steps that you're not supposed to do every day. Once or twice a week should be okay.


Exfoliate or also known as scrubbing is not something that you need to do every single day. Because it will make your skin irritate and take away all your natural oil that your skin needs. What exfoliate does? Basically, exfoliating is the step that removes all of the dead skin, deep cleanse the skin, remove blackhead and whitehead and also make your skin fresher and clean.

For my exfoliating, I just use my normal facial scrub from Bioglo. I used facial scrub for oily and combination skin with tree tea on it. What I love about this facial scrub is that it gives you a cooling or mint sensation to your skin after you used it. So, that's the reason why the skin becomes fresher

Tips: If you do not have any facial scrub you can make it by yourself. All you need is your facial cleanser and a spoon of sugar. White or brown sugar would be fine. Fine or coarse also would be fine. Just mix the product together and there you have it. Apply


There are so many types of mask that you can get in the market. Like sheet mask, peel-off-mask, gel mask and more. Every each of them has their own purposes. Some of them can be used for moisturised, whitening, anti-aging, remove your blackhead and whitehead and etc. I basically put the mask that I will use in the fridge for few hours (if I choose to use any sheet mask). So, when I want to wear them, the mask will give you the cooling sensation on your face which is so nice. Please don't throw the excess liquid that has on the package. Rub it into your skin like a neck, hands, and other parts of your body. Don't forget to give a little massage to your face to once you've removed the mask.

Yeah, I think that's all I have for now. Remember to take care of your skin even though you think that your skin is clean enough. Your skin really needs it.

I found a website that sharing the right steps of washing your face for everyday basis, washing your face for acne prone skin even for dry skin. I might not be doing the right thing, but this website will help you regarding washing your face. You can go to It has the proper ways to wash your face for each type of skin. Please do check it out. It might be useful for some of you.

Thanks for reading! Xoxo


  1. wow..that's quite a lot. i'm quiet lazy when it comes to skincare routine, hahahaa. i just wear cleanser twice a day XD. but i do agree, we need to take care of our skin! macam korean people, hehe. nice tips btw :D

    1. Yeah, it quite a lot. Kalau nak diikutkan Korean punya skincare routine ada 10 steps tak mampu nak ikut. Hehe. As long as you are okay with it, I think cleanser should be enough :)

  2. SR!!!! Kalau boleh lap dgn tissue tu jgn lapp kuat2. I mean just dab dab (idk how to eja huhu) je dkt muka. Sbb taksilap dulu pnh baca tissue ada mcm batu2 kecik nanti kalau u guna on ur face nnt calar (but ofcs la taknampak kan huhu)

    qila cuci muka pakai apa yg ada je dkt bilik air. nanti next week nak masuk short sem baru nk cari baru huhuhu. scrub guna st ives!! best T_T tapi balik rumah je baru scrub sbb takde duit nk beli sdn bhd punya ahahah.

    i never use a toner before aigooo kena eh T_T
    malas nyaaa nak keluar kan duit tapi kalau malas nanti jerawat yg keluar aduhai hahahaa thank uuuuuuuuuu hihihi <3

    1. Really? Tak pernah dengar lagi pasal tu. But, thanks God SR memang selalu dab tisu bila kat muka. Thank you for sharing!

      Tonee is optional. Kalau tak guna pun takpe. Just untuk refeshes our skin, remove dirt something like that. Yang penting jangan tinggalkan moisturiser okay?

      Have a nice day!

  3. you know what syaza . you remind me the steps of skincare routine. I've forgotten all of these because of laziness. i barely scrub my face , rarely moisturize, and never toning. gosh ! got to back on the track !

    1. Glad that I did it. Hpe after this you can go back to your normal skincare routine :)

  4. this is awesome! i was amazed by how you take a good care of your skin. :) kte sekarang just amalkan cuci muka 2 kali sehari sbb taknak kulit hilang minyak yg sepatutnya ada utk kekalkan kulit yg lembab. Setiap mlm kita pakai soothing gel by always 21.yg ni sesuai utk kulit sensitif. ive never tried exfoliate.. nmpk mcm best je :D

    1. I have to since acne keeps appear on my face. Haha. Cuci muka pun dah kira okay dah and soothing gel is good as moisturizer too. You should try exfoliate, it has a lot of benefits :)


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