Gfriend is BACK! (July 2016)

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Hi, I looked up my search keywords on my blog, and one of them is Gfriend 2016. Since I haven't updated about G-friend for quite long time, why not, right? Furthermore, G-friend just having a comeback with new album "LOL" on last July 11. Since I'm a Buddy, why not sharing a few story or information about their new album, right?

Since their school trilogy has been finished, I quite excited for the next one. They might change from innocent to girly one. We will see it once it comes, okay? As for now, Gfriend already performed two songs on stage which are Navillera and Gone with the Wind. Can't wait for their next performance for other songs.

As I mentioned before, their new album named as "LOL" in two versions, Lot Of Love and Laugh Out Loud. In the album, there are 12 track lists that have many genres in one album like pop rock, reggae, pop ballad, R&B, and a few more.

Track List

02. Fall In Love
03. Navillera
04. LOL
05. Distance
06. Water Flower
07. Mermaid
08. Sunshine
09. Compas
10. Click
11. Gone with the Wind
12. Navillera (Instrumental)

Good news! Gfriend has won four music show charts already. On their #Navillera1stWin last Tuesday, they were crying at the end of the show once they know they won. I was crying too. Haha. Umji was not feeling well during that day, I think that might be one of the reasons why they were crying. Their hard work has been paid off guys, trust me. I really really look forward to the 5th, 6th, and more win from Gfriend. Yeojachingu, fighting!

Navillera Music Video

Navillera and Gone with the Wind Stage Performance

Gfriend in Weekly Idol

Who's a Buddy here? <3


  1. I'm not kpop fans hehe tapi haritu ada kwn tunjuk video menari laju2(idk what people call) tu best pulak hahahahah :)

    1. They did a great job, right? Hehe. People siad that they're queen for that kind of dance :D

  2. my self esteem jatuh terjelopok hahahahah

  3. EUNHA LOOKS SO CUTE WITH SHORT HAIRRRR!~ This group is really on trend kan since last year, wasn't really paying any attention to them at first, but they are constantly comeback w/ so good!~

    ieyra h. | blog

    1. I know right? She's so cute with short hair. They slowly becoming a famous idol group, I think. Hehe.

      I love all the songs from this album. Especially, Navillera, Mermaid and Gone with the Wind :)


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