My Go-To Everyday Makeup Essentials

Monday, 8 August 2016

There will be the day that I'm not wearing any makeup just moisturizer and vaseline as my lip balm because those two are so important to me. If I'm not wearing them, my skin and lips conditions might be changing. So, for the day that I decided to wear makeup, this are the products or things that I usually put on my face. This is all the things that I put on my face if I want to go out. But if there are a special occasion, I will put more makeup on my face.

Let's get started.

Usually, I will make sure that my face has been washed and clean before I put any other products and makeup things on my face. Go check out my Skincare Routine if you're interested to know my skincare products that I use on my face to keep it fresh and clean. So when you're having a clean and fresh skin your makeup will turn out nicely and flawless.

First thing first, I always started with the base of my face. I use PIXY BB Cream because it is easy to apply since it is light and doesn't take much time to blend it out. All I do it just dab the BB Cream to my face and blend it using my beauty sponge nicely. After that is powder to set the BB Cream. The powder that I use is Pressed Powder from Colour Sense (Avon).

I'm done with the base now move to the eyebrows. There are only two products that I use for my brows. The first one is brow powder and I did use brow gel to set my brows so that it stay all day long. The brow powder that I use is from Lélan Vital (Cosway). I just apply the darkest powder to my brow especially at the end of my brows and then I use the brush that comes along to blend the product out. Next, I use a brow gel that I bought at Mr. DIY to set my brows.

Move to the eyes. If I feel like wanted to apply an eyeshadow base, then I will use it. But usually, I will not wear it. My eyeshadow base is from Essense. After I blend it out, I just apply the medium shade eyeshadow from Catrice palette to my eyelids. Not to forget mascara too. I have two mascara. One is waterproof and the other one is not. So for my everyday makeup, I will use the one that is not waterproof which is from Lélan Vital because it is easy to remove. Before I forgot, I did also apply eyeliner from Silkygirl in brown and wing it a bit.

Last but not least, lips. To make it look simple and natural, all I put on my lips is just a lip tint and lip balm. I do love Korean lip gradient and I did it with my lip tint. And then top it with lip balm to keep my lips hydrated.

Yeah, that's all for my go to everyday makeup essentials. Some of you might think that I put too much makeup on my face but trust me it not as much as you thought. Wearing makeup is something that I love to do. I will look more presentable and confident when I'm with makeup.

So, what's your go-to everyday makeup essentials?

Thanks for reading! Xoxo


  1. Make up essential , lip balm and foundation!

  2. tak reti make-up.huhu. I just used a toner and after that a day cream to brighten my skin:)


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