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Thursday, 4 August 2016

First thing first, let's take a moment to thanks, Erin Azmir and Ee for tagging me to do this post. This kind of topic like makeup is one of the best topics to share or talk about, right? Who's on Earth who doesn't love makeup? I think everyone does. Even they are not, I bet they at least have lip balm and powder in their bag. 

Without further due, let get started.

How old were you when you started wearing makeup? 
I'm not quite sure the exact time I started wearing makeup. Probably during my early secondary school. I was so tempting to buy a compact powder and a lip balm back then. Not so long after that, I'm started to wear mascara, lipstick, and eyeliner. To be precise, the moment I'm more into makeup when I was 17 years old when I started to collect some makeup items like foundations, powder, mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadows and more.

How did you get into makeup?
Since I'm the one and only daughter in the family so it must be from my Mom. I always looking at her every time she put makeup on her face. And I really really want to put it on my face too during that time. But as for now, it is more from Youtube since I love to watch makeup related videos on Youtube and learn from them.

What are some of your favourite brands?
Some of my favourite brands would be Maybelline, Catrice, and Bourjois. Silkygirl was not bad too. For me, any products that are good and affordable would always catch my heart to buy or own them. 

What does makeup mean to you?
Makeup to me is an art. People might say that it's weird cause I named it as an art. But trust me, you can create an art just by doing makeup. E.g. You choose the colour that you want to put on your eyes, lips and everything. Once your makeup is done, don't you feel like you create something on your face just like you create something on paper or canvas?

If you could only wear four (4) products on your face, what would they be?
Those products would be BB Cream, Mascara, Brow powder, and lip tint. I will usually wear those when I feel like to wear a minimal makeup or whenever I'm running out of time. It is simple and saves time. By using those products I can also create a natural or no makeup, makeup look. 

What is your favourite thing about makeup?
You can be whatever you want just by creating any makeup look. You can look sweet, daring, even natural just by makeup! Every single makeup looks that you create is a story.

What do you think of drugstore vs high-end makeup?
Both of them has their own specialities. Drugstore makeup is more affordable one but it doesn't mean it is not high quality. Same goes for high-end makeup. Some might be good some might not. Its all depend on our preferences.

What is the one makeup trend you've never understood?
Colour lashes. I found it weird to see someone with coloured lashes. Black, brown or even blue is acceptable. But the bright one? It just feels weird, at least for me.

I would like to tag Anys Nadhilah, Aynal Mansor and to everyone who interested to share their makeup story to others. Don't forget to leave the link here so that I can check it out later.

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  1. ooo dah lama la mula makeup yer.. makeup is art..

  2. kita pun mekap juga, tapi bukan mekap macam mak datin atau mak nyah tu (hahahahaha) mekap nipis je untuk tutup jerawat (in the end mekap tu luntur jugak).

    1. Mekap nipis pun okay, nampak natural gitu. Hehe. Mekap ni pun bukan tahan lama sangat :)

  3. thank you for tagging me babe ! i will answer it as soon as possible ;D

  4. unfortunately i am really cant do make up even at my own face X( tak pandaiii

    1. Its okay. Makeup usually takes time to be good at it. Take your time and I'm sure you will be able to do your makeup in future :)

  5. Maybelline is good. I like it as well hehe.

    1. I know right? Maybelline has tons of good makeup, no doubt :)


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