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Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Hi, girls! I'm back with new makeup review. I looked up at my keywords section and one of the keywords stated is Elianto Mono Eyeshadow review. I bought it on last January (you can check my January Haul; here) but since I didn't review anything about the eyeshadow yet, I'm thinking to do one. So here it is.

I have been wanted to add a few new eyeshadow for my collections so I ended up bought two of it from Elianto store. It's hard to choose which colour that I want and suitable for me because there are a lot of colour selections there. After swatched a few colours at the back of my hand, I picked up colour Cream and Caramel. Cream for the eyelids while Caramel I can use it for the outer corner of my eyes. It is perfect combinations and I promise you it will look pretty on the eyes.

If I'm not mistaken, Elianto has two types of eyeshadows. The first one is the one that I bought and the other one is kind of refill eyeshadow but still in a single form. That single kind of refill eyeshadow really reminds me of Savee but Savee is way cheaper than Elianto. It costs only RM 2 each and it is one of my favourite everyday eyeshadow.


1. Affordable price.
2. Compact packaging.
3. Long-lasting
4. Waterproof


1. Not pigmented (for some shades)
2. So much shimmer and glitter

The first thing that I must consider when buying something is the price. (Even it is pricey but I will buy it if it is a great product) I'm so glad that Elianto offers an affordable one. It is RM 9.90 each and I think everyone would afford to buy it, right? Next is their packaging. It comes with a compact case so it is more secure and not easily broken like the other one. Not to mention it is easy to carry around since it is in a small size, so you can throw it in your makeup bag without taking so much space. One thing that I noticed when I'm wearing this eyeshadow is, it is long-lasting. It stays on my lids for few hours with or without eye primer. I tried swatched it on my hand and let it under running water and guess what? It's still there and not fading or anything like that. So amazing!

The major no for me about this eyeshadow is the shimmer was so strong and a lot! The fact that it's still there even though I've washed it and I knew it is normal for any shimmer and glittery eyeshadow.

Overall it's a nice eyeshadow from Elianto. The pigmentation for both colours is different. The Caramel one is so nice and more pigmented than the Cream one. I don't know, maybe it because Cream is lighter and yellowish so it doesn't appear much on the lids.

I will give it  ★★★☆ because there's so much shimmer on the eyeshadow and not so pigmented like what I want it to be. Would I repurchase it again? Probably not, because I might not use it if I buy it again. But, I would like to try the other type of eyeshadow from Elianto which is kind of refill one. Hopefully, that one is better than this one.

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Have you tried Elianto's product before? What are your thoughts about them? 

Thanks for reading! Xoxo


  1. Hritu cousin ada suggest cuba try elianto punya eyeshadow. Tapi mcm tgh fikir . lepastu nmpk pulk entry ni. Thank you! Will try soon.

    1. Maybe you can give it a try? Mana tau memenuhi citarasa awak kan. Thanks for reading!

  2. Elianto pown ok jugak produk dia kan... Penah guna jugak dulu..


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