20+ Inspirational Quotes that Could Inspire Your Life

Saturday, 15 October 2016

I got writer's block, again for a week. That's the reason why my blog was not updated within those days. The struggle is real, trust me. I have nothing to update on my blog until I saw a lot of quotes image on my phone gallery. I have been collecting some quotes from every site like Twitter (@poemporns), Instagram (@poemsporn_ & @thegoodquote), Weheartit, Google and last but not least from myself. Yes, I do write some quotes to express how I feel. So, whenever I feel down I just look at those quotes and it makes me feel better. Hopefully, it works for you too.

Disclaimer: All of the quotes are not from me (so credit to the owner) unless it stated that it was mine. I compile them from the sites that I have mentioned above and put it on my own quote images.

Keep a smile and be positive. Goodluck!


  1. I love quotes too :) Kalau rasa down ke, bila baca quote yang kena dengan diri sendiri, rasa ter-motivated tetiba. Hehe. Nice sharing syaza :)

    1. Kan? Baca quotes ni buat kita rasa motivated walaupun ayatnya kadang-kadang simple je :)

  2. Replies
    1. You're most welcome! Hope it gives you something meaningful whenever you read them :)

  3. nice! i am always a quotes hoarder xD


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