Big Mini Surprise!

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Hello, everyone! The moment I typing this entry it is nine in the morning and it's slightly raining outside. Such a nice weather to start my day. Am I the only one who loves this kind of weather? Today, I woke up with great feelings in my heart. It is all because of yesterday. Trust me, yesterday was one of my best day ever! I feel so blessed and grateful to have such an amazing people around me. If you didn't know, yesterday was my birthday and I would like to thanks, everyone who wished me. I'm officially 21st years old, everyone! Dah boleh daftar sebagai pengundi. Haha

There's something that happened to me this morning. I woke up as usual and left my room to go downstairs. After a while, I go back to my room and laying on the bed while scrolling my social medias. Until one moment, I realized there's something one my bed. And guess what? It was a cute white paper bag with a cute pastel pink ribbon. I was like "How did it be here?" I mean, I don't even realize when it was there, how it was there and everything. I was so surprised. I never have the chance to feel this kind of surprise before and this is really really made me cry a lot! I thought I was dreaming but I'm not.

Here's is my birthday present for this year. I never expected this because of we (my siblings and me) doesn't get any present for our birthday for quite long time. We're okay with it, just having a simple dinner outside with the whole family should be enough. (But if they read my blog, they might be mad because I got present for this year and they're not. Hehe.) I am also not expected to get present because a few years back I only got simple gifts for my birthday present like a watch, dress, novel, something like that. To have this as my birthday is so unbelievable. Oh ya, we didn't celebrate my birthday yet because we're waiting for my brother to finish his final exam around this week and back to KL.

I would like to thanks my parents, siblings, families, friends and everyone who wished me. I'm so grateful to have such an amazing people around me. This is enough for me, I won't ask for more. Thank you so much. Saranghae 💕

With love, 


  1. Happy belated birthday kak syaza!omg i love suprise rasa macam excited lain macam hahahaha

  2. Hepy belated birthday dear. May Allah granted all your wishes (^^,)

    SNM_Yana Afi Mohamed
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  3. Happy belated birthday syazaaaaaaaa ! Have blast !

  4. happy belated birthday dik.. :)

  5. Happy belated birthday Syaza..
    Semoga sentiasa dalam rahmat Allah..

  6. Happy birthday.

    Is it too late for me to wish you a sweet happy birthday?

    It's me Syaza the author of,


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