How I Prevent My Lips from Drying

Monday, 17 October 2016

Having dry lips is something that annoyed me a lot every time it happens. I'm not just talking about drying, but flaky and chapped one. Ugh, I hate it. One thing about me is that I love to peel those flaky skin on my lips because I think that I can have nice smooth lips. In fact, it started to bleeding at some point and makes my lips look red and patchy after that. So the conclusion is, peeling is the worst way to do on your dried and chapped lips, okay? And one thing that I have to deal with that 'torture moments' is whenever I eat spicy foods, my lips feel hurts and stinks a lot! The feeling is same like you are having an ulcer inside your mouth. I hate it but I always did.

But I have a proper way to prevent your lips from drying. Want to know how? Stay tuned and keep on reading, okay?

Always moisturize your lips.

As for me, I love to put some Vaseline on my lips every time I finished my shower and before I go to sleep so that my lips will stay moist throughout the day. You can also replace it with a lip balm if you want to. It is the same. But please don't you ever wet your lips with your saliva. It is not a good habit to do as it makes your lips even drier than before.

✔ Exfoliate your lips. 

Exfoliate or scrubbing will help to remove the dead skin on your lips. There's a lot of lip scrub at the market or if you want to save you money, you can make it by your own. All you need is sugar and olive oil. You can put some mint leaves if you want to. It will give a fresh and nice feeling when you were are done exfoliating. Don't forget to mix the ingredients well. Or if don't have the ingredients, I have another way to do it. I usually exfoliate my lips after I'm done shower as my lips are still damp and I take a clean towel and start to exfoliate by doing a circular motion to your lips to make sure that it remove the dead skin on the lips. Same goes to the sugar scrub.

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✔ Drinks a lot of water.

Drinking a lot of water will give you a lot of benefits to your body. It will make your skin stay hydrated and healthy. Drinks more as you need. You can't say NO when it comes to drinking water. But please remember that it should be plain one okay, not flavored one.

✔ Avoid using a lip product that is not hydrated and moisturized.

As you know, matte lip cream is on trend right now. Some of them tend to make your lips become dry and patchy. You still can use any lip cream but please choose the one that will moisturize your lips during your time wearing them. An ordinary lipstick was not bad at all. You have to make sure that you remove the lipstick well so there's no residue that will make your lips dry.

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So, how you prevent your lips from drying? Any tips to share?


  1. i love to peel the flaky skin too! lepastu berdarah and pedih baru menyesal T.T

    and i do my own lip scrub jugak. brown sugar dgn olive oil je, senang kan :)

    1. I know right? It hurts.

      Yup, semua ada kat dapur kan so senang nak buat 😊

  2. nice tips,cuma rai kena letakkan gmbr yang berkaitan dengan entri ye cth gmbr bibir,bibir pecah ke hehe,btw nice!senang nk faham

    1. Terima kasih sudi komen. In shaa Allah akan diperbaiki dalam next entry. Thank you 😊

  3. Kalau guna sugar face scrub untuk lips sekali boleh tak eh? Hehe

    1. Boleh rasanya as long as bahan-bahan dalam sugar face scrub tu semuanya dari natural ingredients. Tapi, Syaza tak sure sangat 😊

  4. Basahkan dengan air je.. hehehe..
    Akak dah lama tak pakai make up make up nie..

    1. Boleh je kak. Minum air salah satu cara yang paling senang sebab selalu buat 😃

  5. oh,
    yr article is for ladies.



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