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Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Hello, everyone. It's a holiday season (everyday is a holiday for me) and I'm here at home doing nothing but I bet everyone must be planning to go somewhere for holiday with their beloved ones. Have you heard about Traveloka before? Traveloka is one of the leading flight and hotel booking platforms in Southern Asia, serving more than 18,000 routes and thousands of hotels in Asia Pacific.

There are lots of places that Traveloka offers to their customers like Hong Kong, Langkawi, El Nido, Tokyo, London, Melbourne, Nepal, Sabah, South Korea and few more. As for me, of course, the place that I want to visit is South Korea. It's all because of their hype. Not just that, since I love to listen to Korean song, dramas, variety shows and everything, why not to go there and feel by myself right? Not to mention, there are lots of interesting places to visit.

So, if I have a chance to travel to South Korea, I would love to go are;

1. Namsan Tower

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I can say that Namsan Tower is a landmark of Seoul as when you get there, you can see the full panorama of Seoul. I always saw these place on Runningman, We Got Married and drama too and I'm sure it is one of the most places in South Korea. 

2. Han River

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If you watched Korean drama, On the Way to The Airport, you might know they said that Putrajaya resembles Han River and I'm quite curious about it and like to find it out by myself. Han River would be the perfect place to do some recreation activities like cycling, jogging, or relaxing and taking some fresh air.

3. Shopping at Myeongdong and Namdaemun

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You know that Korea has tonnes of skincare lines, right? I heard that there are lots of brands located there like the Nature Republic, The Face Shop, Skin Food and more. Not just that, there is also a market who sell street foods. I really really wanted to try Tteokbokki, Mandu, Kimchi, Bibimbap and more. OMG, I feel so hungry right now!

4. Jeju Island

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The most famous island in South Korea. It's such a perfect place to have a great time to just relax and chill by enjoying the fresh air, sceneries and moment there. I would love to visit Innisfree Jeju House too to get some bits of knowledge about Korean skin care as you know Korean people always have a flawless and glowing skin? I want to know their secret, so maybe if I go there I know a bit?

5. Lotte World Theme Park

I saw it on many shows about this park. It looks so fun and interesting. You can do rides, skating, visiting museums, and more. It would be fun to spend time there.

That's what I want to go if I have the chance to visit South Korea in the future. Actually, I have lots of things to do there, but those are the most things or places that I really really love to visit.

Let's travel with #MyTravelokaEscapade. For more information about Traveloka, go to and choose your favourite place to visit. Have fun.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Ahhh Korea best!! Rindunyaaaaaa 😍 hope ada rezeki syaza ye :) Best jugak join contest ni. Hii. Lagi best kalau dapat percutian percuma :D

    1. InsyaAllah, aminn. Kan? Benda free memang selalunya best 😉

  2. i want to go all the places you have listed you know coz they first they are famous and RM using to go there as well and second I might stumble upon you there hehehe

    1. I got inspired after watching Runningman. They went so many nice places and I wish I can go there one day. Who know, right? 😊

  3. Tengok Namsan Tower teringat BOF time Gu Jun Pyo tunggu Jandi haha


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