When I Feel Down

Thursday, 1 December 2016

This entry has been on drafts for weeks and finally, I hit publish button and it really really makes me feel relieved.

Hi, everyone. How are you? I hope you're good. You know that sometimes there must be a day that we feel down, not having mood at all ? It sucks, right? Having not so good emotions throughout the day and at that moment everything you did seems wrong to you. Then you know that you're feeling frustrated and down.

So, here's are the things that I actually do whenever I feel down.


At this kind of moment, it is better to stay away from other people. What I always did is locked myself in my room. When I did that, I feel that I don't involve others with my feelings and actions. Some people might hurt someone else when there are not in a good mood by expressing all their feelings to other and it is not a good thing at all 👎 Whenever I'm alone in my room, all I have is me and myself. So I can cry or let everything out without everyone knowing eventhough they might know that afterwards when they see how red and swollen my eyes are 😅


I hate doing nothing when I'm not in a good mood. Please, don't just stay and thinking about what's make you feel down, but instead do something that you love to do like dancing 💃, colouring 🎨, reading 📖, listening to songs 🎧 or watching tv shows/movies/dramas 💻 I always watch Runningman when I feel down cause they're so funny and always make me feel better. Those activities will help me forget about how I feel and it somehow helps me to feel better because I'm now currently focusing on something that I'm currently doing. I heard that colouring also will help you with your anxiety, stress or even depression.


This is the best thing to do, right? Who's on Earth who doesn't love to sleep? 💤 I always did this and it totally changes my world. Even 10 to 30 minutes of sleep during day time should be enough, you should do it every day and feel the changes by your own. When I woke up from a nap/sleep, it makes me feel refresh and the energy in your body will be revived. Not just that, you'll not be thinking much about everything that has been in your mind anymore. Eventhough it will not 100% but it works, right?


Drinking water is a very common thing to do, right? But drinking water when you have no mood or stress is totally a difference thing. I prefer to drink cold water instead of warm water because it helps me to revive and refresh my body. These also helps you to cool down the emotions that you have in your body especially your heart.


I love raining day ☔ It cold, the sound of rain itself really really makes me feel calm But that's not what I'm trying to mention here. What I mean is, I love to go under the rain, feel it and let myself out but at the same time I don't want to get sick so stay under the shower will be enough for me. I love to stay under my shower or rain because sometimes the running water that dropping down feels like it took my pain away.

So, what did you do when you're not in a good mood or feeling down? Mind to share it with me? 😊

Yeah, that's all I do every time I feel down or frustrated. But, please remember one thing. No matter how hard your life is, try to solve it in a better way. Don't lose hope because when you think it is hard, there's someone who experienced something that worse than you do. Stay positive and smile, okay? 😁

Thanks for reading! Xoxo


  1. i love napping when i'm feeling down. but most of the time i solve the problems i'm facing so i don't feel down anymore lol i hate feeling down

    1. I love to solve my problems once I feel better. I hate feeling down too, it gave me a not good emotions 😥

  2. I would do the same like you did Syaza. I always lock myself and watch movies ! even drinking water helped a lot !

    1. I know right? Glad that it helps you a lot 💕

  3. i totally can relate though! i usually will avoid talking to people around me, i take a long bath, i watch my feel good movies that are basically chick flicks and rom-com and only then i'll be fine :D

    Lenne Zulkiflly

    1. We're same! Those are the best treatment ever 😊

  4. taking a nap is the best. i would feel so much better after a good nap, and it's definately much easier to solve my problems then hahah

    1. I know right? Its more easier to solve all the problems when you feel better 😊


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