50 Things to be Happy About

Monday, 9 January 2017

50 Things to be Happy About

1 Fresh flowers

2 The sounds of nature

3 Weekends

4 A shower after a long day

5 Family vacation

6 Receiving a text from someone you love

7 Rainy days

8 When someone surprises you

9 Having someone to share your problems

10 When you finally got something that you want

11 Compliments

12 Doing something that you love

13 Watching your favourite TV shows

14 Your favourite song playing on the radio

15 Woke up after a good night sleep

16 Receiving present on your birthday

17 Someone appreciate or accept you the way you are

18 Fully charged phone or laptop

19 Long conversations with someone

20 Opening a brand new book

21 A smile from strangers

22 Finally get rid of something that makes you feel sad

23 Wearing a new outfit

24 The feelings after a great workout

25 Having a tidy room

26 Problem solved

27 Seeing a rainbow

28 Cheese

29 Published a new post on blog

30 Listening to your favourite songs on repeat

31 Nice weather

32 Craving satisfied

33 When you finally hit the last page of the books

34 Going back home

35 Tidy room

36 Reading comments

37 Fresh air

38 When you have time to be alone

39 Your favourite idols updating their social medias

40 Spend time with friends and family

41 Finally graduated

42 Photos that you took turns out great

43 Someone eat what you cooked

44 Submitted assignments

45 Free time

46 Window shopping

47 Being able to finish your work before the dateline

48 Sunsets and Sunrises

49 Helping somebody in trouble

50 Still alive!

Fuh, finally I'm finished with the 50 Things to be Happy About. I took quite some time to finish all of it. Now, looking at the lists makes me feel so grateful because there are lots of things to be happy about even the tiny little things will give us happiness in our life, we just don't realized it.

Want to add something? Tell me things to be happy about. I would love to know your points 😃


  1. Things that make me happy - no traffic every morning, good taste of coffee, cake!, ice cream!, sleep early, listening to favorite songs, reading comments, having my outfit fully ironed and ready to used, a great hair day, face without blemishes and lots more haha

    XX Atheera | http://atheeradayana.com XX

    1. OMG, yes! Why can't I'm thinking about all those? Haha 😊

  2. Kadang2 tak sedar banyak benda boleh buat kita happy kan. Dan masih cakap tak happy. Hihi.

    Most of your points - sama macam siqah jugak :)

    1. Yup, betul tu. We need to take a moment and appreciate what we have 😊

  3. me > 7,10,12,13,14,20,22,23,29,33,38 n 49


    1. Yup, simple things will make us happy, right? 😊


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