Monthly Roundup + Highlights : January 2017

Saturday, 4 February 2017

Hello, everyone. How are you guys doing? I can't believe that we are now already in early February. I kinda feel good but sad at the same time since I'm looking forward what's going to happen to me in for this year and a bit down because there's not much achievement that I have so far. What I mean is nothing much change since the new year. Is it good or bad? I don't know. I need to discover more in order to enhance myself and achieve all my goals and resolutions for this year. Good luck for me and you too. May we achieve our goals and stay happy throughout this year.

Back to the title, today post is all about my January Roundup + Highlights. This is my first time doing this kind post so hopefully, I don't miss anything. Let's go!


🔹 Hangout with my classmate, Farah

After finishing my Diploma, everyone started to continue their life, some of them are going to further their studies, working and so on. It's hard to arrange the date due to the busy schedule. So, since I'm free I'm just waiting for the time to come. Glad that Farah and I had set a date to hang out together after a year not seeing each other,

🔹 Finally, graduated.

If you read my previous post, you might already know about this. Yes, I finally graduated on last 21st January. It's kind of nerve-wracking to walk on the big stage, receiving the scroll that you have been wanted since forever! But glad I did it. Nothing bad happened such as slip or something. Thank God.

🔹 New skincare routine

After a year, I decided to change my skincare routine. It is because  I already finished it out and some of my previous skincare products that I used before doesn't work well on my skin. The new skincare was suggested by my Mom since her friends spotted a difference after she using it. So far so good, I don't suffer oily skin anymore. Yay! Now I can only focus on how to reduce my acne scars and marks on my face. I might share the products that I use on the next post.

Where I share the songs that I added to my playlist.

🔹 Sakit - IamNeeta 🔹 Mencari Cinta Sejati - Cakra Khan 🔹 Secret Love Song - Little Mix, Jason Derulo 🔹 Downpour - I.O.I 🔹 Don't Say No - Seohyun 🔹 I Wish - WJSN/Cosmic Girls 🔹 Wonderland - Jessica 🔹


I rarely watch movies or dramas but I do watch Korean shows like Runningman, We Got Married and The Law of the Jungle. I will try not to miss every single new episode of that shows because watching it makes me feels relax and chill. And for dramas, I do watch Biar Aku Jadi Penunggu while waiting for dinner but most of the time I always missed it because it's Maghrib time and I don't have so much time to watch television during that time. At the same time, I don't feel like watching it through online too. How can it be like that? Hmm. I just finished watched The Legend of the Blue Sea, guys! The drama was so good! I know I'm late but it's better late than not watching at all, right? If you haven't watch it yet, please do so because the storyline is quite different than the others.



I cleaned up my book shelf and sort it nicely since it is everywhere in my room. Then, I realized that I have few novels that I still not reading yet. My cousin also did give me a book for me to read. To be honest, it's been a long time since my last time reading a book or novel. So, I didn't read any new book but I did read the books that I love countless time already. Promise you, this February I will start reading back, and finish at least two books on that month.


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🔹 Start writing again

Hmm, I guess it doesn't work for the first month as I'm quite busy with my big day which is my graduation day. But, perhaps I should try to find the storyline, characters and what not before starting everything, right?

🔹 Losing weight

Definitely didn't work at all! In fact, I gained more and more until the point that I regret not doing exercises and control my meals and diet. 

🔹 Find solutions for my skin

As I mentioned before, I'm using new skincare products now and the results are quite good so far. My skin right now is in a good condition, not too oily nor too dry. Just one thing that I have been struggling for is to reduce my acne scars and marks. And I'm using a face oil treatment in order to reduce it. I don't know whether it works or not since I'm just starting it. Will update more soon.

🔹 Earn my own money

I can say that I earned some but not that much. But to the point that I can survive on my own, it is not. I still working hard to earn money. It all depends on luck and rezeki.

🔹 Be stronger than usual

I don't cry as much as I did before, so it is a good thing, right? It means that I'm becoming a strong person now but still if something happens I might cry and feel down. But that doesn't mean that I will just stay like that crying the whole time, of course, I will go up and smile.

🔹 Save money

There are some good things happened. I'm not buying the things that I don't need anymore, which is good. I didn't buy any makeup things for this month and I just bought the things that I really really need only like my skincare products, and also my USB cable since mine is already broken.

I think that's all for now. Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog. I really really appreciate it. Till then.

It feels so good to be back, writing a post after a while away from it 💕


  1. Saya pun sama. Tak banyak perkara yang berlaku dalam hidup dalam pada bulan Januari yang lepas. Harap banyak perkara positif yang berlaku pada bulan-bulan yang mendatang ni.

    1. In shaa Allah. Semoga bulan-bulan seteruanya menjadi lebih baik untuk kita 😊

  2. congrats on graduating!
    hope to read about ur new skincare routines soon :)

    1. Thank you, BV!
      In shaa Allah, it will be on my blog in the future. Wait for it, okay? 😊

  3. Maybe you should share with us your new skincare routine, the products as well

    1. Hehe, in shaa Allah in the future. Wait for it, okay? 😊

  4. Congratulations for graduating! I bet you felt much more relieved now, right? Do you have any planning to continue your study?

    1. Thank you, Amira! I am, I don't have to worry about it anymore. Hehe

      I have, I'm currently waiting for the UITM degree result, it will be out around next week. So we will see how it goes 😊

  5. i'm looking forward to reading your skincare routine post! i hope you get to continue your degree syaza! :)

    1. In sha Allah, I will post one int he future 😊 Aminn, I'm so nervous to know the result. Hehe

  6. Finding solutions for acne scars is my goal too. hahah. Slow-2 kumpul duit untuk buat monthly treatment for scars. Looking forward for your next post !

    1. I know right? It took forever to have a clear face. So sad TT Thank you, Najiha 😊

  7. congrats on graduating ^^

  8. Have i commented this entry? I can't remember.

  9. congratulation on yout graduation Syaza ! and I'm glad you shared the video song. I am in love with first song. i can feel it is a sad song . kancanayoo

    1. Thank you, Anys! Yes, it is a sad song. The group, IOI is a group project where they be as IOI for a year only. They has been disband on last January and they chose this song, Downpour as their last song 😊

  10. Congrats on graduating, Syaza! and we have the same problem, acne scars. It doesn't want to leave me alone, ahh!

    Claudy |

    1. Thank you, Claudy! Ikr, let's work harder to find the solutions. Hehe 😊

  11. congratulation on your graduation! mcm seronok pulak buat posting recap mcm ni. actually plan nak buat post mcm ni jugak but alahaiiii malas betul nak blogging lately nii huhuhu


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