Broken and Up Again

Saturday, 25 March 2017

As usual, every time she had trouble to fall asleep, all the night thoughts came through her mind. She doesn't know why, but she cried so hard this time. 

She was okay before. No matter how much she feels sad, she can still control her emotions. She holds it by herself. But last night, she loses it. She cried so hard letting go all the burdens that she has been carrying for a long time. She talks and cries as someone was there with her. Listening to what she was going to say. Those are the words that she has been wanted to say for a long time. But no one. No one listening to her. She just keeps talking and talking let everything all out until it done.

Then she walked a bit and looked herself in the mirror. Both of her eyes are red and swollen. Her nose started to feel runny and blocked due to all the cries. Her inner part said that "This is totally not you..."

She finally goes to sleep without even she knowing. Until the next morning, she wakes up and looked herself into the mirror again. The inner part of her heart said that "That's going to be the last one you cried about it. You are strong to face all the problems even by your own." She wiped her tears and smile brightly to her new determine self.

"She is hurting but she is made of magic. She will rise again and her broken pieces will heal." - @taylorln_writes (Credit to Taylor LN)


  1. Girls cried finding for strength and when the bitter feeling were over, they got stronger than they used too.. :D

  2. Sometimes, crying is the best medicine to heal the broken heart. :)


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