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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

I have seen this post on the reading lists since a few weeks now and it is nice to read them answering some random questions. And thanks to Flavnesz for tagging me to do this tag. I feel so special. Hehe Just kidding.

The rule: Thank the person(s) who nominated you in a blog post and link back to their blog 2. Answer the 11 questions sent by the person who nominated you 3. Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions 4. List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo on your post and/or on your blog

Introduce yourself by stating 5 random facts about you.
  • Eventhough I'm the eldest of my siblings, I can be the most childish person than my little brothers. Even they're more matured than me, I guess?
  • I do have a playlist just for my night time. I need to listen to the playlist every time I need it because I have a hard time sleeping at night. It is a must for me. The music is all from the sound of nature like rain, beach waves, and more. It helps me a lot.
  • I love the pink, blue, purple and white colour. My room is painted with pink, my bedsheet cover (as for now) is blue and white and if I buy anything,  I will pick my favourite colors.
  • I used to write a short story or e-novel on my blog before but stopped doing it because I have no confidence and courage to finish up the stories that I write.
  • I'm a cheese lover. I add cheese to anything that I think would be the best to the certain food. I would also pick anything that has cheese with it like cheesecake, a burger with a slice of cheddar cheese, cheezy wedges and more. OMG, I can't.
First impression when you find my blog.

You have a nice blog. It is simple and minimal just like the way I like it. Your posts are interesting to be read too. Every time I saw your new post on my reading lists, I will stop and read them. 

If your life was a novel, what would the title be?

A life as a Syaza Raihanah? I don't know, I never think about this before.

What's make you confident?

Compliments. Because I think in this life, we need to compliment each other in other to encourage everyone to be well with whatever they're doing. Who doesn't love to receive a compliment, right? Everyone do. And every time I received the compliments, I just feel confident with myself. It means that I did something good or better in my life. You know what I mean...

What is your fantasy dream?

I once hoping to have a bigger room than my last room, and I have it now. So, my fantasy dream will be having a pretty nice size of a closet that fills with clothes, shoes, and accessories. Not to forget, a vanity that full with makeup too.

P/s; Can I have it?

What are your favourite things about Earth?

I don't know about the other planets, but my favourite things about Earth are we have so many countries to travel or go to and we also have seasons of the year. Even though in Malaysia, it always be either hot or humid but for other countries, there are four seasons like winter, spring, summer and autumn. People from that countries are so lucky to experience those seasons.

How would you spend your 'ME' time?

I will sleep more or lay on my bed while scrolling my social medias. I will also do some face treatment at home, do some reading, listening to music and watching my favourite shows or dramas. Actually, a lot of things I do to spend my me time. I just that it could be random. I do this, I do that. Hehe

Between the moon and the stars, which one would you pick and why?

I chose stars. Because they're so beautiful when it shines. I sometimes always looking up to the sky at night searching for the stars. It is a nice feeling ever!

Who could inspire you the most? Why?

People around me. My family, my friends, bloggers, celebrities, my favourite group or singers even random people can inspire me the most. Why? Because in this life, we will meet so many types of person out there and each person is a lesson for us. They do good, then it is good. They do bad, take it as a lesson and try not to make the same mistakes as them.

The first thing you notice in a person?

A smile. I love it when people smile. When a person smile, it gives positive vibes to other person and that's already enough to make people happy. 

A song that describes you?

*Checking my playlist on my phone*

It's hard to pick one when you have a lot of songs that describing you. But, I think it will be Big Mini World by Jessica.

11 Questions to the Nominees:

01. If you have to choose one food for the rest of your life? What would it be? Why?
02. Your favourite scent?
03. How long it takes for you to get ready for going out?
04. List your favourite songs at the moment.
05. How often are you updating your blog?
06. Do you prefer going out alone or together with somebody? Why?
07. How you manage your time between blogging and life?
08. Do you prefer online shopping or go to the mall to buy something?
09. 5 things that you'll bring with you when you're going out.
10. If there's a time machine in this world, what will you do with it?
11. Reading or watching?

I'm sorry if my questions sound nonsense to you. I just curious to know how you guys feel about it. Last but not least, I would to tag or nominate you who is currently reading my blog to do this tag too. Hope you enjoy reading it and have a nice day, everyone!


  1. Siqah suka cheese jugak! Hihi. Ohh chessy wedges, sedap!! Cheese cake sedap!! Popia chesse sedap! Eh semualah sedap. Hii.

    Can I have your fantasy dream too? 😍

    1. Yeah, boleh jadi geng ni. Hehe

      Of course you can 😊

  2. Eh lupa pulak nak cakap. Siqah nak jawab soalan Syaza juga nanti ye :)

    1. Feel free to answer them. Nanti Syaza singgah baca 😊

  3. Thanks for willing to answering and I'm sorry for just noticing this post.. D:
    Anyways, I love cheese tooo.. xD


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