Gfriend is Back! (The Awakening)

Thursday, 6 April 2017


I think it's kind of habit to update about Gfriend every time they are having a new comeback. I know it kind of late but better late than never, right? Gfriend is back, guys! The waiting for months was totally worth it as they are back with a 4th mini album titled, 'The Awakening' on last March 6, 2017. As a Buddy (Gfriend's fan name), I looking forward to this as this comeback because of the new concept from cute and innocent to girl crush. A lot of changes I can say. Most of them, change their hair colours and SinB with a long hair. They are so pretty day by day when their outfit and style matches their new concept.

As a Buddy itself, of course, I already added the album to my playlist, listening to the songs and watching their stage performances from time to time. All of the songs in this album are my favourite but the songs I like the most are Hear The Wind Sing, FINGERTIP, Contrail, Please Save My Earth and Rain in the Spring Time.

Gfriend - The Awakening Track List

I don't know why but I feel bad for them for this comeback because they only won once on music shows chart so far. It may take some time for people to be familiar with their new concept changes, right? It also seems like it is hard for them to compete with the other groups too but still, I wish them the best because I know they can do it. Even if they didn't win on the music show charts but they already win in my heart. And I know they can do it, better than before in the future. Good luck, Gfriend!


Gfriend - Rain in the Spring Time

Gfriend - Hear the Wind Sing


What are your favourite songs in this album? Mind to share with me? 💕


  1. i don't know why the song fingertip is funny to me haha :D

  2. i used to be a die hard fan of kpop especially utk boy band. too much liking them that i hate most of the girl band ahahha :P

    1. We are different. I'm more to girl groups than boy groups. Hehe.


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