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Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Blog post ideas

This is the very first thing that I need to figure out before starting to create a new blog post. For me, this is where it starts. How can you write a blog post if you don't have the main keywords or points to your post, right? To be honest, I do have a hard time finding, searching, figuring my next upcoming blog posts just because I don't know what to blog. So I usually ended up searching for more and more blog post ideas on Google from the few sites and then jot down the list to my planner. It's really helping me a lot. I also did some brainstorm too by looking at my surrounding. Eventhough it not that much still enough for me.


Before I starting to write a post, I will always make sure that the images or pictures for the blog post are ready. Why? Because I will interpret all my thoughts by looking at the images. If it is a review post, I will be using my DSLR camera to take the pictures two or three days before I create a blog post but if it is a personal or non-formal post, I normally go to for a stock photos that I think works well with the blog post and fast too. Overall it all depends on what blog post I'm going to do during that time. 

Write a post

This is the stage where I struggle the most. Believe me or not, I sometimes took about at least three days to a week for a blog post! Sounds ridiculous, right? But, it's true. It is because I normally writing my blog post whenever I want to. By whenever I mean, it could be in the morning, late night or even before I go to sleep. I think that the reason why I don't normally finish a blog post on the same day. So, the conclusion is I don't have any specific ways or routine for writing a blog post. I normally will just go with the flow.

Double check

After I'm done with writing the blog post, I will take some time to double check my words, grammar, spelling, and everything to make sure that my blog post is perfect so I didn't have to redo or reupdate for another time. Eventhough I double checked it, I may still make some mistakes here and there so yeah. 

Hit the publish button

Once I satisfied with my blog post, writing, pictures, and everything, I will finally hit the publish button. I'm trying my best to keep on updating at least once a week. I usually have blogging schedule that I'm trying to follow which is on every Wednesdays and Saturdays. 

Post overview

If you think that I'm done after hit the publish button, you're wrong. Because I usually look forward to my views and comments for the post I had published. This is also the time where I read and reply to the comments that have been left by the readers. I appreciate every views and comment that I received through my blog posts. Thank you so much.

BONUS: Reading blogs

What's blogging routine without reading other blogs, right? I really really love reading blogs as I can get inspire by their writings and experiences. Other than reading the blogs from Blogger dashboard, I also read blogs from Bloglovin'. There are lots of blogs there and it is fun to read them.

Thanks for reading!

I already shared mine. How about yours?


  1. I love the fact that you didn't mind sharing your own blogging tips. Thank you so much! Boleh buat rujukan untuk diri sendiri juga sebab asyik 'terbabas' je dari landasan azam nak update blog more frequently. Eheheheee~

    1. No biggie, I would love to share as much as I can on my blog. Hope it helps you even not that much 😊

  2. Totally agree with all the points dear . Part yang double check tue nadia pun selalu mengalami benda sama . Even dah cross check 1000 time bila hit the publish button mesti ada je yg tertggl. But, we are just human right ? Nothing is perfect . =)


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