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Saturday, 15 July 2017

Hi guys, I'm back with a new post. Watching Korean dramas has become a new routine for me. One thing that I loved about Korean dramas were their OST. Each drama has quite a few of OST songs and that making me listen more to K-pop songs. There are so good and relatable, I must say. Most of the dramas that I have watched, there must be at least one song that I love and willing to listen non-stop from day to night!

Here are my favourite Korean dramas OST.

My Secret Romance
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Same - Song Ji Eun feat Sung Hoon (My Secret Romance)

I wanna know you
Not your blood type or sign
But the real you
The you that no one else knows

Will you tell me?
Starting from your first memory
Except for your first lie and first love
I wanna know everything

The lyrics of this song is so meaningful. I can relate this song to the drama. The fact that the hero and heroine themselves sang this song made it more sweet and lovely. But one thing about this song is, I barely hear Sung Hoon's voice. It so soft and low. 

Goblin : The Lonely and Great God
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Beautiful - Crush (Goblin)

It’s a beautiful life
I’ll always protect you
It`s a beautiful life
So lean on me
beautiful love
Your tears, your smile
So we can be together
It`s a beautiful life

I'm still not watching the drama yet but the song really caught my heart. It is so soothing and calming to listen. I look forward watching the drama in the future. Since the drama was hype back then I think OST might be one of the reasons why. 

Kill Me Heal Me
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Auditory Hallucinations - Jang Jae In feat NaShow (Kill Me Heal Me)

I want to roll up the darkness
And find you
Though I can’t touch you
Or be held by you

This one is so good. I can listen to this song over and over again without feeling bored at all. I even try to sing the song except for the rap part cause I'm not that expert nor good in rap. Some people said that the guy kills with his rap and she heals with her voice. I totally agree with that because without both parts this song might not be perfect or complete. 

She Was Pretty
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Only You - Choi Siwon (She Was Pretty)

I have only
Yes, I have only you
I feel so empty that I feel
Like crying 
Even if I'm not there in your heart
Just once maybe

I have only you
Yes, I have only you
I'm still the same
Sometimes you can come to me 
I'll stay here where 
You were looking

How can I resist this song when my ultimate bias is the singer of the song? To listen to his voice for the whole song is a blessed, which is something that will not happen in Super Junior. She Was Pretty also the reason why I love this song because it is so Kim Shin Hyuk point of view. So sad and touching at the same time.

Have you listen to any of the songs?


  1. x layan ost, layan drama ja 😉 tu pun yg jenis penyiasatan 👍

    1. It's okay, lain orang lain citarasa kan? I think I should try watch that genre too 😊

  2. yes ! lagu beautiful tu mmg best :3

    1. Kan? Dengar banyak kali pun tak rasa bosan 😊

  3. Hello! This is my first time here ~

    I have yet to watch Goblin but I do love the song Beautiful by Crush too.

    And hey, I'm a fan of Siwon too ^_^

    1. Hi, welcome. Nice to meet you, Farah 😊

      The song is amazing! We should watch Goblin soon.

      Omo, Siwon is MINE. haha. Just kidding! 😀

  4. Siqah suka lagu no 1,2, dan 4 😍 Tak tengok Kill Me Heal Me. Tengok nanye tapi sampai episod 4 kalau tak silap. Hihi

    1. Ala, kenapa tak tengok lagi? Serius best drama tu. Siqah tengok bila free nanti okay? 😊

  5. Auditory hallucinations! My favourite :D
    Tapi semua lagu lagu best hehe :)

    Anyway, syaza I'm sorry I'm not sure why you aren't receive any of my blog updates but thank you for following me back again. I'm truly sorry for the inconvenience that I've caused :)

    Fatina | www.theinfinitywords.blogspot.com

    1. Kan? These are my all time favourite at the moment 😍

      It's okay. I think everything is okay now as I can see your past updates to the latest one on blogger dashboard 😊

  6. suka kill me heal me punya ost :D

  7. I'm loving SISTAR Soyou's OST for She Was Pretty! I forgot what is it being called. Even the one she did for Goblin & Lucky Romance were good too! Soyou seems to have a nice, soothing voice, suitable for OSTs. Didn't realise that when she was in SISTAR (probably got overshadowed by Hyorin).

    ieyra h. | beauty blog

    1. I think I know the song but I kind of forgot. Hehe. Yeah, true. She seems underrated in SISTAR even the other two former members too. I think I should do some searching and start listening to her song 😊


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