How I Pamper Myself At Home

Saturday, 7 October 2017

After a long day, you feel tired and all you need at that moment is rest. We have been working harder throughout the week and we need at least a day on the weekend to pamper yourself at home or having a me-time session. It does not matter what kind of activities you are doing as long as it is relaxing it can be considered as pampering yourself.

Here are how I pamper myself at home:

Photo by Shawnee Wilborn on Unsplash

1. Do some treatments

Let me tell you a fact, for almost 21 years in my life I have never go to any spa or salon. Who doesn't love to have someone who does something good and beneficial to yourself right? But due to costs for the treatment and time, I think it is better for me to just do it at home. It is same, what? Who says you cannot do facial care or hair treatment at home, you are totally wrong.

There are lots of things you can do when it comes to facial care. It works as same as your skincare routine but you are focusing more on your skin. You know what I mean? For example, you cleanse and exfoliate your skin. You put toner on your face after you are done with cleansing. Apply moisturiser while massaging the skin and on. Sometimes on the daily basis, we don't even have enough time to put or wear a mask but on my free time, I love to pamper my skin by wearing a mask. Sometimes sheet mask could be the easiest way and sometimes I also love to make my own face mask according to my skin type. For example, mixing three spoons of oats, a spoon of honey and a bit of cocoa powder together until it becomes a thick paste and then apply to the whole face thinly avoiding your eyes and lips area. Wait for it to dry for a moment. Once it is fully dry, you want to remove it by massaging your face in a circular motion until it removed.

When it comes to hair treatment, I usually trim my hair by my own before I anything to my hair. And then I will normally shampoo and conditioner my hair using my usual hair products. Good news for those who love to colour your hair. eSalon is an at-home hair company that made a custom hair color just for you. How? eSalon factor in everything from your amount of gray and your coloring history to your hair's length and it's texture. For more information about their custom hair colour, you can go here.

Photo by PICSELI on Unsplash

2. Reading

Reading can be good not just for your mental but spiritual too. When it comes to reading, it does not matter what types of books you are reading, it can be magazines, novels, journals or even an article. Take a moment of your day to read at least a page a day to calm and relax your mind. I did it and it is really helpful. While reading, a cup of coffee or tea as a accompany during your reading also sounds great!

3. Long shower

This is how I calm myself at home. You know when you have a bad day or whenever I feel down or stressed out, I love to stand under the cold running shower. I feel nothing but refresh after that. Actually, I love to be under the rain but it is not good for your health as you might get sick on the next day so I think the shower will do. I read somewhere that cold shower can relieve the symptoms of depression, improve the stimulation of the circulatory system that sends blood to your organs to keep them warm and also release stress.

4. Listen to favourite songs

It is better to have a music on than silent, right? I have two types of playlists which are first, all the songs that I love and two, the sound of nature. When it comes to working, I will usually listen to my favourite songs because I can sing along and chill myself but whenever I want to have me time, I will always listen to the sound of nature like raining, waves, birds chirping, waterfall and more. It is really calming my mind and it also helps me to fall asleep whenever I have a hard time to close my eyes.

So, how you pamper yourself at home? Mind to share with me? 💕


  1. Replies
    1. Terima kasih sudi singgah. Have a nice weekend 😊

  2. Your routine goes same to me. If i don’t read, I watched lots of tv show until I am sleepy. Sleeping is my favourite activity to do haha

    ☆ Atheera ☆

    1. Yeah, hi 5! I would also watched some Tv shows or dramas and love to sleep too when I have nothing to do. It is so relaxing. Hehe 😊

  3. Me too. I love to read and listened to my favourite songs to de-stress. Sometimes I listen to calm or soothing auto-playlist by Spotify. And kalau terlebih rajin, I'll put on a mask after shower and reads.

  4. Yes me too. Take a long shower, wear face mask and watch a movie definitely my fav things ever,

    Btw, have a nice day


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