People Thoughts of Someone who Has Acne Prone Skin

Sunday, 29 October 2017

First of all, I would like to say sorry if you feel uneasy with everything that I'm going to mention after this. I'm not trying to offend you or other people but this is what I have been experienced in my life. I just want to share and spit out what I have been keeping until this time, hope you don't mind it. Okay? Believe me or not, I never share about this to anyone. This is my first time telling you my story.

Not everyone has a good skin. Same goes for me. I have been struggling with acne since I was a teenager until now. I got bullied by people surrounding me regarding my skin condition. I got called as 'Miss Pimple' by someone. I also got asked why I have acne skin such a young age (with not so a good manner). Those things always make me feel insecure with my own skin. Do you think that I ever want this to happen to me? Of course not. To be honest, I'm a bit sad when people approach me saying about my skin and my flaws. I already knew that I have acne on my face but to say it on my face like I didn't even notice it, I feels like crying.

1. Wearing too much makeup

People always said that wearing a makeup is the reason why we have acne on our skin. Little did they know, there are many factors why we have acne such as the unstable hormone, allergy, stress, not enough sleep and more. From my opinion, makeup will not give you acne unless you do not remove it properly, sleep with makeup and also wearing inauthentic or fake makeup. I'm not the person who wears makeup every single day. There's the time where I applied more like BB cream, eyeshadow, blusher, and lipstick but on my daily makeup routine, I will go to a minimal look such as powder, lip tint, and mascara. That's it. And I will always make sure that I remove my makeup before I go to sleep because who wants to get a pimple on the next day, right? What I can say here is, makeup is not the issue. The main problem is our behavior. If we handle it well, I am sure we are not going to have those pimples moment.

2. Not taking care of your skin

From what I see here, people who have struggled with acne are the people who care about their skin the most. Am I right? They tried so many products for their skin just to find a solution so that their skin will get better and better. Then how come some of the people just simply said that we are not taking care of our skin when we really do. It is nonsense. I tried so many products from local to some drugstores skin, some works and some not. So from the process, the will be some effect like pimples and redness coming out on the skin because it is not suitable and harms to my skin as my skin is sensitive to some ingredients in the products. Even now I am still in the process of searching and trying new products to find the one that is good and suitable for my skin.


They tell you to do this, to do that. They try to promote and sell their products to us, who have acne. This always happened to me. When I was going out, someone was looking at me from up to down and approaching me and start the conversation. 

P/s: Sorry I have to write in Malay since it is easier and more understandable to tell the story.

Situation 1

Stranger: Hi, dah lama ke kulit macam ni? (While pointing out to my face)
Me: A'ah, since sekolah menengah lagi.
Stranger: Oh, abang pun dulu kulit macam awak. Lagi teruk daripada awak. Tengok kulit abang, dah takde jerawat dah.
Me: (Smile awkwardly to him.)
Stranger: Abang boleh bagi adik cuba produk yang abang guna ni. Adik bagi nombor telefon adik nanti abang share produk apa.
Me: Takpelah. Saya nak cepat ni. (And I walked away from him.)

Situation 2

I tried what they suggested but ended up...

I went to a shopping mall and there was a booth set up there. I was just about to see what is there then a lady approached me and talk about her products while putting it on my skin. It was a cream to remove blackhead, dead skin and also good for acne skin. Since she was really convincing I decided to buy it. But when I tried it at home, it doesn't work that well and I even got more pimples on my face.

So the conclusion for this is, no matter what skin type do you have, be positive and be confident with your own self. I know how it feels to have acne skin, it is painful. But do not give up, okay? Try your best to take a good care of your skin. You might not see the results now but you will thank yourself in the future. If you want to know what skincare products that I am currently using, click [link]. And again, I apologize if any of my words hurt your feeling or heart. I'm really sorry, I just want to share what I have been feeling from all this time.

Thanks for those who read from the beginning till the end. I really really appreciate it 💕

Have you experienced the same thing as I am? Share your story in the comment section below, I would love to know.


  1. I am interested to read this as I just tried a skin analysis few days ago. Alhamdulillah, not much problem with my skin except it is too dry. Reading this I realized that people are still struggling with the skin either about acne, dryness or blackhead / whitehead etc. In my case, seems like my skin is prone to have freckles in the future. Need to discipline myself to reapply sun screen T_T

    I wish you will find the best solution for your acne soon :) Not that good with skin care, I can't recommended any.

  2. Yes, I agree with you. People with acne problem are ones who usually take care of their skin the most. My sister is like this. She tried quite a lot of products to find the best solution.

    I feel your pain even though I don't have acne prone skin. People still call me names because I have a lot of dead skin cells on my face. Plus, I do get pimples once in a while (mostly when I have my menses).

  3. Blog walking sini :)

  4. Samalah situasi kita Syaza T_T

    Sekarang, Siqah selalu tumbuh jerawat kat muka. Entahlah mungkin sebab hormon ke apa tak sure. Dulu masa PMS je, sekarang dah selalu pulak. paling tak best bila meninggalkan dark spot. Sampai sekarang, masih tidak hilang.

    Pernah jugak orang tegur "kulit nampak semak sebab banyak dark spot". So sad but I know it's reality and I still searching for the best solution for my skin.

    Harap kita jumpa produk yang sesuai dengan kulit muka kita ye Syaza :)


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