Product Empties #2

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

I think I have not done this Empties Series for such a long time. Last time I shared about this series which also my first product empties series was on early this year. Go check it out here if you want to. I have been trying some new products from the past months and here I am, sharing with you guys what I felt about the products, does it works well on my skin and everything. It is quite a lot than last time, hope you guys enjoy reading it!

Nano White Fresh Miracle Mist

This is my very first face mist I have tried. Back then, I never know what face mist is. But I am sure that I know a bit about face mist now. I already did a review on this product here. I love the finished on my skin especially once it dries. It gives me such a natural glow and shine which I like because it makes my skin looks healthy and fresh. Will I repurchase this again? Yes, because it works well on the skin but I want to try another face mists too so I will go back to this face mist if I found none.

PIXY Eye & Lip Makeup Remover + PIXY Gentle & Moist Cleansing Lotion

I received this set of makeup remover from PIXY because I entered their contest a long time ago. This eye 7 lip makeup remover is mixed with water and oil so it removes makeup very well without even trying so hard especially waterproof mascara or any matte lipstick. Same goes to the cleansing lotion but unfortunately, it has been expired before I got to finish the whole bottle. Since I do not want to waste it by just throwing it into the bin, I just using it as a first step to clean my brushes. What I did was, pour some of the liquid to the old cotton t-shirt and swirl brushes to it until it half way clean. Then I clean my brushes like I usually did by using soap and water. It helps me a lot cause I do not have to try hard when I cleaning my brushes which is quite a lot.

Aiken Tea Tree Oil Spot Away Pore Refining Toner

I do not know if I should tell or share with you guys about this toner anymore cause I have been mentioning this product for quite a few times already. This is my all time favourite toner. I do not think that I will change to the other ones since this one already works very well on my skin and I am not complaining anything. It is good for those who have acne-prone skin or combination skin. If you guys have not tried this yet, please give it a try. Who knows it will works on you too? Did I already mentioned that this is my 5th bottle?

Sunplay SPF 130+++

This is a sample size of this sunblock that I got when I went to a drugstore back then. I even have the actual size of this sunblock where I still not finished yet. I love using this sunblock every time I went to swimming pool or beach. It protects my skin from getting sunburn and tan. I do not know why but I insist to use it as a daily sunblock because of the texture but for the time I went swimming, it will be perfect. I need to have a sunscreen though or else my skin will be damaged by the sunray. Any suggestions of drugstore sunscreen you have tried before?

Ginvera Marvel White Zero Blackhead Marvel Gel

I previously did a full review on this product before. [Link: here] I have mixed feelings about this one. Sometimes I love it, sometimes I am not. What I love about this Ginvera is, it is easy to use and works well on my skin. I regularly using it as my daily exfoliator before I wash my face at night since it is gentle on my skin and does not irritate my skin at all. Once you scrub it to your skin you can immediately see the results. All the junks will come out and your skin will feel clean. What I did not like about is it is supposed to remove my blackheads on my skin but nothing removed. The blackhead still there inside my pores. So I think it works best as exfoliator than blackhead remover.

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

I have been experiencing dry and chapped lips for a long time already. And trust me, having those flaky lips is not cool at all. All I did was picking up the dry lips until it is bleeding. And then my lips will feel smooth again. So to prevent myself from picking the dry-flaky lips, again and again, I chose to moisturize my lips using this Vaseline Petroleum Jelly day and night. Other than applying it to my lips, I also use Vaseline on my daily basis. It is multipurpose products that suitable for everything. I even did my own lip balm with it and it was good.

Ponybrown Lovely Sweet Hand Cream

I never used any hand cream before. I think lotion is enough. But thanks to Aynal I got the chance to try this amazing hand cream. It smells so good and I kept using it, again and again, each time I am going out. Love it so much!

Daiso Twin Side Mascara

I did not expect this mascara to be that good consider it is from Daiso. It has two side mascara that you can use for your upper and lower lashes. It is waterproof and easy to be removed by only water too. If you want to have a natural kind of lashes, I recommend you to buy this one. It gave you curly lashes but unfortunately, it did not hold the lashes for a long time as I noticed my lashes were back to normal. I heard some of them are good too so I would love to try other mascaras from Daiso if I have the chance to go to the store.

Aimeili Color My Brows

I bought this one at Mr. DIY months ago. Back then I was into fleek eyebrows so after I filled my brows using brow powder then I applied this brow mascara. It thickens up my brows and holds my brows for a long time at the same time. It is waterproof and you probably need makeup remover to remove it or else it gonna stay. I am now into natural looking brows so I do not think I will buy this again unless I feeling like I want to have full brows back I definitely buying this one.

Daiso Disposal Powder Puff (12pcs)

I am still cannot manage to have a beauty blender so I think using this beauty sponge is enough, I guess? Of course, it can never beat the beauty blender but as long as this one works for me to apply my BB Cream, that is okay. It is absorbing the products but the best thing is I can just throw it away without thinking twice since it is cheap. Hehe

Savee 3D Paper Mask Series

I bought this around February this year and finally chose to use it. It works the same as others masks except that the sheet mask also came with neck and ears part. I don't know how to explain but the sheet is different than actual sheet mask maybe that is why it called 3D?

Do you have any products that you are currently working on to empty it out? Share with me 💕


  1. pernah guna toner aiken. memang best tapi susah nak jumpa😭😭

    1. Best kan? Tulah, sekarang pun Syaza tengah cari yang baru since yang ni dah habis. Tapi selalu sold out 😭

  2. I'm kinda in a love-hate relationship with the Ginvera gel.. It smoothen the skins but not helping in removing what it's supposed to do.. =="

    1. Ikr, it doesn't works for blackhead like it's supposed to do. I wonder why. But it is great for exfoliating to remove any dirt on the face since it is gentle 😊

  3. OMG I LOVEEEEEEEE THE PONYBROWN HAND CREAM! It's so light but good! Loving the scent too.

    ieyra h. | beauty blog

    1. Yeah, I know right. It smells so good and my hand feel so smooth. Love it so much!😊


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