2018 Goals and Resolutions

Thursday, 4 January 2018

Hello, everyone. I hope it still not too late to wish a happy new year to each of you who stopping by to read my blog. It is finally 2018 and I am pretty excited but anxious at the same time as this year might be the year I make some improvement in my life and everything. I really really hope it gonna turn out great cause I have plans and goals that need to be done by the end of this year. To me, 2017 was a lesson where I learned that you need to work harder if you want to achieve something in your life. It never too late to start over. Thank you 2017, lessons learned.

But before I go into details my new year goals and resolutions, I would like to share a bit the reason why I am not updating my blog for more than a month. Basically, I tweeted about this before that I wanted to take a break from blogging world for a while to find my heart and soul towards blogging that I lost since months ago. And I glad that I did it. I feel so much better while typing new blog posts and the sound of me pressing the keyboard really really calm my heart a bit.


Losing weight (15kg): Believe me or not, I gained so much weight last year and I'm not going to make it happen again this year. I don't know if I can even lose 15kg but 10kg should be enough. I just feel like I need to lose weight this time or else it doesn't going to work later on.

Healthy mind and soul: I sometimes having anxiety attacks and depressions whenever I am alone especially at night. How I wish I can get the feelings out of myself but I know I need to face it by hook or by crook. So that is what I'm doing now, trying my best not to think about it so that my life will be at ease.

Take care of my skin more: It not like I don't taking care of my skin, but there is one thing that I really really want to get rid of which is acne scars. I tried some products last year and none of them works on my skin, so I have to keep on trying to find the good product which I am going to survey first before buying it. I also need to buy face scrub too.

Start to wear sunscreen: I'm getting older year by year and wear sunscreen every day is a must for everyone. It is not just to protect your skin from UV rays and sun but it is also to prevent skin problems that might happen in the future like wrinkles, pigmentation and more.

Drink plain water more: I want to make drinking a water as a habit since it is good for our body and health.


Further study (Bachelor) in Business: I have graduated last year in January and I still want to further my studies in Bachelor but sadly I am not qualified to go to any IPTA yet. It's okay, I am going to try again this year and see how it goes, if not I'm sure I'm going to private universities or colleges.

Saving more for my future: You might not know that I have a habit of spending money on unnecessary things. I need to control myself and saving more for my future. I want to try these viral methods for saving money which is saved or keep every RM1 or RM5 you have to your saving box.

Get a driving license: I am turning 23 in October but still haven't get my driving license yet. I don't know why I took so long to get it but let's hope I going to have it by this year.

Earn my own income: I just want to have my own income and spend it on everything that I want to for a long time. Also by having an income, it will make my saving plan a lot easier.

Do part-time job: Of course if I want to have my own income I have to find a job right? I have been surveying and applying for some positions offline and online hopefully, there's luck for me.

Start writing again: I miss writing stories and poems so much but still I haven't written anything for the past few years. It is kind of hard to start back since I left it for many years.


100+ blog posts in a year: I looked at my blog archive throughout last few years and noticed that my blog posts keep decreasing year by year. It is not a good sign actually. I have to work harder to create more contents on my blog.

Have my own domain: I planned to have my own domains since last year but I hold it until I think it is a perfect time for me to have it cause once I have it, I have to put my commitment towards blogging higher than I usually did. Should I go with syazaraihanah.com or create other names? What do you think?

Brand new blog design: Since I will be having a domain soon, I also want my blog design to be new to create new vibes and spirit while blogging.

This year, I'm being more details on what on what I want because I want to make it clear with everything that I'm going to do. My goals and resolutions might be same as previous years but I don't know why this year, it just feels right. Whatever it is, let's work together to achieve everything we have planned. May this year will bring you joy and happiness to your life. Good luck!


  1. I am looking forward to have my own domain juga but we'll see, maybe not sooner but later

    1. We are same. I haven't decide yet when the right time for me to have my own domain but for sure I will have it 😊

  2. happy new year. may this year be a better year for all of us. ameen

    1. Happy new year too. Aamin, same goes to you too 😊

  3. Hope you'll get to achieve all your goals! Fighting~

    1. Thank you. Same goes to you too. Fighting! 😊

  4. That sunscreen goal :D Agree as I am lazy, but I need to change this!

    All the best girl!


  5. Alamak, I lost the comment T_T

    All the best, girl! I wanna join for sunscreen goal! haha

  6. If you're going for ipts, I would suggest to check kuptm since at least, you could depend on Mara .. :D

    Anyways, all the best for you and looking forward for your domain.. :D

  7. Siqah nak join for losing weight, take care of skin & 100+ blog posts in a year!! Yeayy! Good luck Syaza! <3


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