Product Empties #3

Saturday, 20 January 2018

I'm back with another product empties series. To be honest I don't have that many products to share for this time since I haven't used many products for the past months. But when I thinking back, why not share it now because at the end of the time I'm still going to post it by the way, either it is less or many products. Right?


I finally finished this product after having it for such a long time. I don't know what I feel about this product. I have a mixed feeling. The main reason why I bought it because I thought of using it as my moisturiser or base before putting on my makeup but since it is thicker consistency and sticky at the same time, I don't think I should put it again despite my oily skin type. So to prevent wasting, I used it as my body cream instead especially on my dry spots like legs and elbow. Because of the thick consistency, it will hydrate my skin well.

HIMALAYA HERBALS Nourishing Skin Cream

I'm I the only one who just noticed this brand? Himalaya is a big brand and I am kind of late discover them. It happened when I was running out of moisturiser and need to buy a new one (as always). I'm still in the process of searching the products that work great for my skin and buying this is kind of trial and error for me. I just picked it up and used it later that night. It is a creamy texture but not as thick as the Nivea one which is I like. It quite moisturising too. But I noticed the difference on my skin when I'm using it. Right after I applied the cream on my face, my skin starts to sweat eventhough the temperature is not that hot or high. I don't know how it happened since I've never experienced something like this before. But I still love it as my skin reacts well to the product to the point that I finished it all.

SAVEE Sleeping Paper Mask (Bitter Melon)

When first I opened the mask, I thought it was a sheet mask, but it is not. It is a gel mask. One pack can be used up to five days. The gel reminds me of aloe vera gel texture since it is very light and moisturising. I usually applied the sleeping mask after I cleanse my face. For me, applied not a too thick layer of the mask should be enough. It will absorb to your skin without leaving any stickiness and uncomfortable feelings to your skin. You can just apply it to 15 minutes or leave it for a night like what am I doing. My skin was looking great when I woke up in the morning. I have few different sleeping mask left and I might be doing the review in the future. So wait for it okay?

NEOGENCE N3 Arbutin Brightening Mask

I got some of these masks as a gift from my cousin. I have nothing much to share about this because I can't really tell if there is a difference since it is my first time using it. But I will do a full review of this masks in the future and share with you guys my thoughts and everything. I guess it works as well as the other mask. More thoughts will be in my review post, okay?

A. by BOM Supersense A. All in One Mask Pack

I haven't heard the brand before but then I think I saw this brand on Korean drama called; The K2. They used the exact same face mask that I had. This mask is so hydrating and moisturising. Not to mention, the essence of the mask was quite a lot till I don't know what should I do with it. The sheet mask fit perfectly on my face and stay put throughout the 20 minutes. But I have to wash it off cause it is too sticky for my liking. The scent also reminds me of nuts or something. Kind of weird scent but yeah, my skin looks so glowing after that.

NIVEA Makeup Clear Cleansing Water

Before I got this in my hand, I used Garnier Micellar Water to remove my makeup and I really really love it so much. After I finished the Garnier one, I tried this Nivea one where I got from Lazada during sales and it came with a set of cleansing brush, makeup cleanser, and another two products. For me, it is not bad at all but one thing that I concerned about is it stings my eyes everytime I remove my eye makeup. So I do not recommend you to use it for removing eye makeup or else you going to have red and teary eyes for a few minutes. For skin, it is okay. I have no problem at all. Other than using it as a makeup remover, I am also using it as an instant brush cleaner where I sprayed some amount of cleansing water to the cotton pad, take a dirty makeup brush and swirl your brush to the cotton pad until all the junks removed. It really really saved my time when I am cleaning my brushes. You guys should try this beauty hack by yourself!


  1. nice sharing sis.... semua akak tak pernah guna... hehe

    1. Thank you. Takpe mana tau bila-bila nanti dapat guna ke? Hehe 😊

  2. rasanya nivea creme tu memang untuk badan and not for face use. tak pernah pulak pakai tu untuk muka xx

    Erin Azmir

    1. I think so too. Produk tu memang tak sesuai untuk muka. But lately I saw ads about the creme, dorang guna kat muka as makeup remover and face mask. I was like 😱 Maybe okay kot tapi bukan untuk semua.

  3. 1st time singgah sini. Salam kenal. Saya follow #1371 =D

  4. Paling berkenan dengan mask sebab Siqah suka mask. Hihi. Menanti blog post Syaza mengenai mask nanti :D


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