April Playlist 2018

Sunday, 13 May 2018

This is a new series on my blog. I used to make this kind of playlist on my monthly roundup post, but since I didn't make any at the moment I thought why not make this series happen so that I can share my playlist of the month to others. Who knows you will like it too? But I just waby to mention that most of the songs are Korean songs, so I'm sorry if it is not your cup of tea. 

April was quite exciting for me as Gfriend and Super Junior was made a comeback after a while. I'm so glad that my ultimate bias, Choi Siwon was finally performing on the stage together with his group members. Gfriend also made a comeback with a different concept, which I never thought of. The title song, Time for the Moon Night was good and I got a goosebump when I first watch the music video. I even get the chill vibes after knowing the theories that made by the others about the music video. It is a sad song if you listened to it from times to times. I just discovered Kim Na Young, guys. How can I miss this gem? She is so talented and her voice is so unique. Looking forward to listening to her singing for more OST in the future.

Some of the songs that I put on repeat mode are Tak Pernah Hilang - Amylea ft. Kaer, Cold - BTOB Blue, What If It Was Going - Kim Na Young and I'm In Love With Someone Else - Suzy.

What is Love - Twice
Haram - Hael Husaini, Dayang Nurfaizah
Lo Siento - Super Junior feat Leslie Grace/KARD
Hug - Super Junior 
I Do - Super Junior
Tak Pernah Hilang - Amylea, Kaer
Cold - BTOB Blue
Heal - Lovelyz
That Day - Lovelyz
Temptation - Lovelyz
I Will Get Lost, You Go Your Way - G.Na
Breathing All Day - Bumkey
What If It Was Going - Kim Na Young
Say Goodbye - Kim Na Young
Time For The Moon Night - Gfriend
Love Bug - Gfriend
Flower Garden - Gfriend
Tik Tik - Gfriend
Bye - Gfriend
You Are My Star - Gfriend
I'm In Love With Someone Else - Suzy

Any songs that you listened to in the month of April?


  1. I'm a fan of hael but not such a fan of dayang.. I tried to listen on "Haram" but then got distracted right after dayang's voice came in... Huuuu..

    1. Mine is vice versa. But still, Haram is such a good song 😊

  2. Wow! Hello there. My ultimate bias used to be Siwon so I'm so happy to find another fangirl of him, though I don't fancy him that much now :D

    I never heard any of the songs on the list but maybe I'll give some a try especially Kim Na Young's. I love her voice :D

    1. Hello! Really? Its kind of hard to find someone who have same bias as I am, but yeah. Siwon always br my number one. Hehe

      You should check out of Kim Na Young, her songs are so good. Her voice is so soothing to listen to. I bet you won't regret it 😊

  3. Since you mentioned "April" up there, so I had to come up with Paris by April. Give it a try 😍❤

    Blog Wanie

    1. I will check it out later. Thanks for sharing 😊

  4. Used to have some playlist in my Joox account but since I no longer an employee, now i need no song at all. My kids voice is better to be listened everyday.

  5. Replies
    1. Alamak, perasan eh? Hehe. Kalau dalam playlist phone pun hampir semuanya lagu Korea. Tak tahulah kenapa suka sangat lagu Korea berbanding lagu lain. Hehe 😊

  6. haram... keep repeating the song over n over again... ooh why.... merdu menusuk kalbu..


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