Lazada Shopathon Blogger Contest

Sunday, 9 September 2018

Hi, guys. The last few days I got an email from Lazada to join their blogger contest that currently happening until today, 9th September. I think why not give it try cause who knows I might be one of the lucky winners? Hehe. There is nothing much you need to do except, you have to answer the question: Select three products on Lazada that you have always wanted to buy. Let's be real here. I haven't check out Lazada for a long time cause I still in my saving mode, but I cannot resist this sale. So I was looking at Lazada website for hours to find three products that I wanted to buy. There are...

I am in need of a new phone case at the moment. The one that I currently use already turned bad cause I have been using it since day one I had my new phone. I find this case so cute and simple and I appreciate that it comes together with ring and rope. 

I can never have enough makeup brushes. I had some brushes already but I do think I need more cause I am the person who is lazy to wash or clean my brushes but at the same time I do not want to use the dirty brushes. Can you relate to this situation?

I love to listen to music from day to night. Using my phone to listen to songs drained my phone battery percentage so quickly. Since this MP3 can last for hours and I can skip songs how many times I want, I do think I need to have one.

So, what are your three things that you wanted to get from Lazada website? 9.9 Festival sale ( that will take place from 6 to 9 September 2018. You still got a few hours left to shop there. Don't miss a chance, okay?


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