A Cleansing Tool that Works On My Skin

Sunday, 11 November 2018

Cleansing your face using fingers sometimes don't cleanse as much as we want as it only reaches only on the top layer of your skin. By using cleansing tools will help you to deep cleanse your skin especially the pores. 

I have tried some of the cleansing tools on the market but none of them works best on my sensitive skin. Until last month I discover a new cleansing tool that helps me a lot despite my skin condition and sensitiveness.

Before I mention what it is, I will share the previous cleansing tools that I used before and doesn't work on my skin. There are silicone facial brush and cleansing face brush. The silicone facial brush was the first tools I tried out of all cause it is easier to get. I still remember the next day after I used the silicone facial brush, my skin started to react and lots of tiny bumps appeared on my skin. I used that as my makeup brush cleaner instead since it has the texture that can clean the makeup brushes very well. 

Then for the facial brush. I was excited when I got the facial brush cause I really hope it can cleanse my skin but I was wrong. Each time I used it I got some rashes and somehow my skin turned red. I still use it for a few days though cause I thought that was normal but when it keeps on happening for a week, I knew I had to stop. 

I was just using my fingers to wash my face and only using a scrub to deep cleanse my face until last month I decided to try konjac sponge for the very first time. And guess what, it suits my skin so far. My skin feels so soft after using it and I knew that my skin kind of loving it as I didn't see any weird reaction happen to my skin. Yay! 

I'm glad that I finally found the cleansing tools that works best on my skin. Ever since I  had the konjac sponge, I always looking forward to my skincare time and basically having fun! Hehe

Do you want to know more details about konjac sponge? Should I make a blog post about it?


  1. Replies
    1. I will make one in the future. Wait for it ya? 😉

  2. best guna konjac ni. squishy sangat! xD

    1. Kan? Rasa squishy and soft je konjac sponge ni bila damp 😊


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