Made ODEN for the First Time

Wednesday, 7 November 2018

My mom has been planning to make Oden since last month. I even wanted to try to cook by myself before cooking for them but unfortunately, I can't find any of the paste at the supermarkets that I went to. That probably because this recipe has gone viral and people want to try to make it on their own. Thankfully there are lots of stock of the pastes that I need at ST Rosyam Mart. As someone who wanted to try to make Oden at home, of course, my mom and I will not miss that out to buy them. And finally, yesterday was the day of us making Oden since everyone is home. 

I forgot to mention that you can get this Oden from Family Mart, which is the original Oden before everything went 'crazy'. I tried this once earlier this year and haven't had any since then. I wish Family Mart is available around my area so that I can grab my favourite Oden and Green Tea ice cream whenever I want to. I had to travel a bit if I want but I just won't. It is quite far from my place. The price of Oden at Family Mart can be vary based on what you picked. There are lots of choices and the taste are amazing too.

This was my first time making Oden. The homemade one can't be guaranteed taste 100% like the original one but it still has the same taste as the original one. You know what I mean. I am pretty sure you guys already knew the recipe. Am I right? But just in case there are some of you guys who didn't, I will leave the recipe here. The taste is incredible. It was so tasty that I can't stop eating it. It is perfect for a rainy weather I must say.

All you need are:

Mix Yong Tou Foo
Asam Pedas paste (2)
Tomyam paste (1)
Tomyam cube (2)


Oyster mushroom
Any vegetables

P/s: You can alter the recipe if you want to according to your preferences. The one that I gave is the basic one. You might have to add another pack of paste if you use a big pot just like I did.

Give it a try if you haven't already. You might love it just like I do. Good luck!

I suddenly craving for Green Tea ice cream. The Family Mart one 😋


  1. The oden looks so good! I'm going to ask my mum to make it for me when I go back home.

    1. It is! Please do cause I'm sure you will love it too 😉

  2. I never try Oden before and the one you made has makes me want to try it. It looks so good! :)

    Fatina Mudz

    1. You should try it. It was so good and you will like it too 😉

  3. i wish i can that green tea ice cream of family mart everyday TT_TT

    1. I wish that too. Especially with this weather. I want it now 😭

  4. Tak pernah cuba oden Family Mart walaupun dah banyak kali juga pergi Family Mart.


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