Review : IN2IT Make-Up Stay, Mineral Setting Mist

Saturday, 24 November 2018

Do you wear makeup? If yes, what is your last step in your makeup routine? Now, I am going to ask myself that question. Yes, I do wear makeup when I am going out and my last makeup routine is to set my makeup with setting spray or any facial mist. Previously, I used Bio Essence Miracle Mist and I really love it so much. But then I can't find it in travel size anymore. 

Luckily, around a few months ago Guardian had a 50% sale for any cosmetics items and as a makeup lover, of course, I am not going to miss it. I went to the store but nothing calls for me until I saw at IN2IT section, there are setting spray on the shelf. I got it for just RM 7.00 only. Such a good bargain. But since it just launched, I don't know if it gonna works or not. So here is my review.

 IN2IT Make-U Stay, Mineral Setting Mist 

Descriptions: Makeup fixed on and restore your moist radiance with our Make-Up Stay, Mineral Setting Mist.

◆ Holds the makeup in place all day
◆ Anti-ageing and enhance your healthy skin
◆ Hydrate and rebalance
◆ Refreshing during the day
◆ Easy to use anytime, anyplace

Direction: Spray over face in the distance away 20-30 cm. External use only.

Price: RM15.90 per bottle

Where to Get: Any Watsons or Guardian.

Ingredients: Water, Butylene glycol, PPG-6-Decyltetradeceth-30, Phenoxyethanol, Sea Water, Chlorphenesin, Glycerin, Disodium EDTA, Sodium Citrate, Hydrolyzed Collagen, Aloe Barbadenensis Leaf Juice, Maltodextrin, Chamomilla Recutita (Matricaria) Flower Extract, 1,2-Hexanediol, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate.

My Verdicts

Hydrate and refresh the skin
Not-so functioning nozzle spray
Smoothens the top layer of makeup
Affordable price
Multipurpose spray

I do not have many things to point here as this is my first time using an actual setting mist to set my makeup. But for me, I can say that it works pretty great. I quite like it how it performs and works on the skin. Each time I used it I feel that it hydrate and refresh my face especially if I put it on the refrigerator for a few minutes. It doesn't leave any stickiness or uncomfortable feelings when you used it on the skin. The effect from the mist gives you a dewy-looking-skin. I usually used it as a base before putting my primer and on the last step of my makeup routine to set the makeup. It smoothens out my makeup so that it doesn't look cakey. Powder that I used can be so dry for my skin but this mist helps me to rebalance the moisture on my skin. Not to mention, the price is so affordable and did not break your bank. Last but not least, I love how multipurpose the mist is. You are not just using it as a makeup setting mist, but you can also hydrate or refresh your face whenever and wherever you are especially when the weather is hot and humid or just simply spray it to your skin for a healthy looking skin.

And now move on to the cons. There was one thing that I don't really like about this mist, which is the nozzle spray. I don't know if it is just mine but the nozzle seems not working well for me. It sprays straight to the face without spreading it to other areas. I tried to use it from a distance recommended but it still doesn't work. So I just transfer the products to my spray bottle that I bought from Mr.DIY. It works wonderfully with the new bottle and I love it so much by how well it spray to my skin. 

Since it is a drugstore brand, I don't expect much as you get for what you pay. As long as it works and doesn't irritate my skin, I would say that this product is not bad at all and worth the money. I am glad that I chose to try this one earlier as the stock, for now, is quite limited. But I really hope you can try this setting mist too and share your thoughts with me right here. Will I repurchase this product? Probably yes but I would love to try the other setting spray from other brands too.


  1. takpernah nampak lagi setting spray ni, nnti nak kena gi usha usha la

    1. Try tengok dulu sebab kalau kat tempat Syaza biasanya dah sold out. Tak pun tinggal satu dua je 😊

  2. in2it ni biasa mekap kan? produk dia semua best². btw Syaza, Aien tagged syaza utk GA..

    1. Yup, lebih kepada makeup. Tapi perasan dah ada makeup remover dah.

      Thank you for tagging me. Syaza pun akan join nanti. Hehe 😊

  3. how you tanggalkan dia punya cap? mine susah gila nak bukak

    1. Cap dia memang susah nak buka. So I just spray dekat dalam bottle baru. Tapi make sure kena rapat so tak terkeluar tempat lain.

      Hope this will help you 😊

  4. Hai.. saya nak tanya macam mana sebenarnya nak apply benda ni.. yep i know kena spray at dalam jarak 20-30 cm tapi yg konfius nya nak sembur tu sampai dia rata satu muka ke just lembap2 je? Plus kalo kat muka tu ok lagi laa sebab biasa bedak memang tak cair tapi lipstick tu somehow luntur jugak.. camne eh? First time gak pakai make-up spray ni.. tapi x best laa kalo kena re-apply gak lipstick..

    1. Hi. Cara apply setting mist usually spray rata pada muka. Tapi jangan basah sangat takut nanti make up cair, so spray agak-agak basah je then tunggu mist tu kering sendiri. Untuk lipstick, kalau boleh avoid spray dekat lips. Maybe awak boleh try cara kemam bibir masa spray. Kalau tak silap, setting spray just untuk set face makeup je, bibir biasanya saya tak guna setting spray.

      Maaf kalau saya salah bagi info. Yang atas tu just cadangan je, hopefully dapat bantu awak walau sikit 😊

  5. Alamak.. serius laa tak boleh pakai kat bibir.. saya lipstick selalu tak kekal nak2 kalau pergi makan kenduri kahwin.. habis tu macam mana awak maintain lipstick ye.. ada tips tak hehe.. saya ni bukan laa pakai kaler terang sangat pun cuma kalau lipstick tu hilang bibir saya pucat.. tak best laa kalau ambik gambar.. nak2 kalau ada orang tegur kata nampak pucat memang agak down huhu

    1. Yang tu saya tak sure sangat tapi biasa tengok kat youtube dorang tak spray di bibir. Maybe awak boleh cuba cari lipstick yang tulis matte takpun guna lip tint. Lagi tahan lama dan ringan pada bibir. Contoh lipstick yang saya boleh suggest Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink. Ramai yang kata lipstick ni tahan lama dah susah hilang walaupun dah makan/minum 😊

    2. Ohh.. tq awak.. tapi tu laa bibir saya jenis cepat kering sebab tu saya pakai lipstik yg ada function moisturising punya.. lipmatte takut cepat kering x bibir huhu

    3. No problem, harap ianya membantu awak. Kalau macam tu try rawat bibir dulu. Selalu pakai lipbalm dan scrub bibir before pakai lipstick 😊


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