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Friday, 7 December 2018

I am currently on the writer block mode where every word I typed were wrong and doesn't feel right? I have a few posts to be updated but since these happen, it seems like it may take some time to be published. So to overcome that I decided to post this casual blog post this time.

As you may know already, I listening K-pop songs more than other songs and recently there are many of my favourite artists/groups made a comeback last month and early this December and I took a chance to listen to their songs. Can't believe that I love most of them.

I Love You - EXID
Rewind - Lovelyz
Lost N Found - Lovelyz
I Can't Say That - Kim Na Young
Beautiful Pain - BTOB
Yes or Yes - Twice
La Vie en Rose - IZ*ONE
Kiss and Make Up - Dua Lipa, BLACKPINK
Save Me, Save You - WJSN

BTOB ballad songs will never disappoint me ever since I listened to their previous song, I'll Be Your Man. It always caught to my heart especially with their harmonize and different in tones. I just love it so much!

I am not sure if I have mentioned this before. I did watch Produce 48 before and this is their debut song. Let's put away about the controversy of the song behind and appreciate how good the song is. I can still put this song on repeat but still didn't get bored at all. 

The first verse already caught my attention which is Butakhae (Can you do me a favour?). Other than that their choreography especially the chorus and 'cat-walk' part and somehow I adore for their synchronization on stage. I feel proud that they won 1st place during the promotion of this song. They really deserved it.

Patiently waiting for Gfriend to announce their comeback 🌹

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