My 2018 in Alphabetical Order

Monday, 31 December 2018

First of all, I would like to mention that this post was inspired by Lenne Zulkiffly. It was different and creative post at the same time so why not I take the challenge to make my own version for My 2018 in Alphabetical Order. It was fun making this post until at one point you are struggling to find the right words.

Age - Turned 23 on last October. I am still young, at heart.
Bee - I got stung by a bee during the Malam Berinai of my uncle and cousin which happened last week. I went to clinic straight away with the Baju Kurung Kedah and Kain Batik.
Colour - My favourite colour is pink. I bought more items in pink and I couldn't stop!
Domain - I finally got a domain for my blog on last November. That was the best decision I ever made for this year.
Eyebrow - I used to ignore my brows whenever I do my makeup. I still do sometimes but I realized that I always tend to fill them with either eyebrow powder or pencil nowadays.
Friend - I miss my friends so much. It's been a while since we meet up together but guess what? We will be reunited again tomorrow and I am so excited about it.
Gain - I gained so much weight and I still feel bad about it. I really want to go back to my high school weight but can I?
Honey - I did a part-time job where I have to pack pure honey and did the postage for a few months. It was tiring but I had so much fun.
Independent - I decided to be an independent person so that I won't rely too much on other people.
Journal - This year is my second year of bullet journalling but I had missed months of it and I stopped. I need to try again next year.
Korean - You probably already knew this that I am into Kpop thingy. I listened to their songs, watched their variety shows and dramas. I am able to read a little bit of Hangul but I only knew the meanings for some words.
Love - I learned to love myself more than others. I think you should too cause at the end, you only have yourself.
Music - You probably know this already. I listened to more Kpop songs these days and there are songs that I keep on repeating such as Beautiful Pain - BTOB, I Love You - EXID, Lost N Found - Lovelyz and more.
Novels - I used to read novels every month without a miss but I read less now and wonder why this happened. I should start reading my TBR list and get some new novels.
Optic - I used to wear specs only when I am watching tv or using a laptop and not wearing it when I am going out but this year, I forced myself to wear the spectacles all the time except when I sleep. I now feel comfortable wearing specs outside.
Phone - I spent to much time on my phone that I realized I rarely or probably never touch any books this year. Currently reading a novel right now so I hope it helps.
Quality - Every quality time spent for my family, friends and loved one are my precious moment in my life. They are my everything and I can't imagine my life without being with them.
Reread/Rewatch - The one habit that I always do when the 'feeling' is coming. I tend to reread my old novels or even rewatching previous dramas that I suddenly remember of. It's weird, right?
Skincare - Added serum and sunscreen to my skincare routine. The serum works best to my skin but I think I need to get another sunscreen that doesn't give me tiny bumps.
Try - Trying my best to overcome my anxiety. It works somehow but you know there must be a day when you just feel like everything is wrong. 
Unemployed - Currently unemployed but I will definitely search for vacancy so that I can earn income and buy things that I want.
Vacation - No vacation for this year. I am a little bit sad but I am sure the day will come.
Wishlists - I am so happy that I managed to have some of my wishlists items.
X - Crossing off some of my goals and resolutions for this year. Eventhough I am not crossing all of it but I am still proud that I made it.
YES - Not grabbing anything for this Year End Sale but who knows I will shop on New Year sale?
Zero - I can't think of any words. My brain is blank already.

Last but not least, I would like to wish you guys a happy new year. May 2019 bring you happiness, joy, laughter and positive vibes throughout the 12-months ❤

How about making your own version of this? 


  1. Selamat menyambut tahun baru 2019 :)

  2. Yay! It's enjoyable and tricky all at the same time doesn't it? Haha. Wishing you a wonderful 2019 ahead xx

    1. You are right! Its hard at some point but glad that I managed to finish them all. Same goes to you too ❤

  3. jenuh jugak nak kena fikir tu. haha

    1. Betul, ada part yang senang ada jugak yang susah. Tapi best. Hehe 😊

  4. hehehe cutenya ikut alphabets creative =)
    happy new year 2019..

    1. Hehe, thank you. Cubalah kalau ada masa free. Happy new year too 😊

  5. Nice idea! Hehe. Anyway Happy New Year! :D

    1. You should try it too, Dilla. Hee. Happy new year to you too 😊

  6. Hello Syaza, October babies. We're always young at heart :D

    Hope Syaza baca buku lebih banyak tahun ni dan kurangkan masa bersama phone (susah nanye nak buat ni. hihi). Dan moga Syaza dapat kerja tahun ni jugak. Doakan yang baik2 saja untuk Syaza. Happy New Year (Selepas sebulan) <3

    1. Hi, siqah. Yup, with no doubt.

      InshaAllah, tak sabar nak pergi pesta buku tahun ni and grab novels so takdelah pegang phone je nanti kan? Hehe. Amin, thank you siqah. Syaza harap semuanya dipermudahkan untuk siqah jugak. Lets do well together this year 😊


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