Recap on My 2018 Goals and Resolutions

Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Time flies so fast that I cannot believe myself that we are now on the first day of 2019. Anyway, remember early this year I posted about my 2018 Goals and Resolutions? Today's post going to be a recap and update on my goals and resolutions whether I managed to achieve those or not. Or maybe I should try again next year? We will see.


❎ Losing weight (15kg): I totally failed from the start. My eating desire going up and up and I cannot resist whatever that called food and make me gained more weight. But seriously, I really HAVE to lose my weight no matter what and get my ideal weight back.
Healthy mind and soul: I guess I did. I less stay up and crying for no reason at night. Everything is under control. Those days happened but not as frequent as in the past years.
✅ Take care of my skin more: I can say that my skin improving to a better condition. Not the very best yet but I am still working on it. Added a new serum to my skincare routine and recently trying double cleansing, I really wish that helps my skin to get better.
✅ Start to wear sunscreen: Same goes to the serum, I also start using sunscreen this year. But unfortunately, after using the sunscreen I noticed a lot of tiny bumps appear on my forehead. So, I am getting a new sunscreen soon.
✅ Drink more plain water: I did well on this. I drink more plain water now especially when I am home. I just loving it especially if it is cold water.


Further study (Bachelor) in Business: I really want to further my study but it did not happen in 2018.
Saving money for my future: I started to keep my coins on my tabung and I will put it to my bank account once it is full.
Get a driving license: Same goes to the study. It just not happen but I really wish to have one in 2019.
Earn my own income: Since I worked before, I got my salary and that's mean I already earned my own income which I am so proud of.
Do part-time job: I did a part-time job for a few months before and it was such a fun experience.
Start writing again: I don't know if I able to do this anymore as my writing skill is about to vanish anytime soon. But I really wanted to write and publish my own book one day.


100+ blog posts in a year: Didn't happen in 2018. I have a very serious blogging slump and it affects me a lot. Although I have so many blog post ideas to share on my blog, it is so difficult for me to make it.
Have my own domain: Got my own domain last November and I am happy about it. Its been on my wishlists for a long time and I finally got it.
Brand new blog design: I changed my blog design with blogger template. I want to buy blogger template on Etsy but the problem is the payment. I don't know how and can someone help me with that?

Have you achieved all of your goals and resolutions?


  1. Gud luck to achieve your goal for this year. Lets stop all the negative vibe from your life . Keep smiling and face the next chapter life. :)

    1. Thank you and same goes to you too. Wishing you a wonderful year ahead 😊

  2. Good luck and all the best, Syaza :)

    1. Good luck and all the best to you too. Have a wonderful year 😊

  3. Happy new year and all the best :)


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