Driving License Moments : Part 1

Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Hello people! Some of you might already know this but I'm currently in the process of taking my driving license. I know it kind of late to get my driving license now especially at the age of 24 but it is better late than never right? I have been wanted to do this for a long time ago and finally the day has come. I decided to share my experiences on my blog so that I can look back in case I forgot or miss the experiences. I also hope that it will help others who want to take driving license too. This also my first ever experience of taking a license as I do not own any before including a motorcycle.

Let's go back to where it started.

06 February 2019

I went to a driving institution with my parents in the evening and registered there. I was super excited and nervous at that time and I still cannot believe that it is happening now. During the registration, all you need to bring are IC, some cash for your fee, and photo for your license. Since I have zero knowledge about registering a driving license, I do not bring my photo at that time. But it is okay as I can still pass it anytime before my computer test.  When registering the D-class, you will need to choose whether you want to take the manual or automatic. And I picked automatic just because it is easier than manual plus it was my dad preferences 😆 Next, I have to choose the date for the 6-hour course and a book will also be given. I also told to wear shoes during the 6-hour course. But I noticed that you need to wear shoes in every process of taking a driving license. No slippers, sandals and whatnot. So the registration part is settled.

16 February 2019

I chose the date for my 6-hours course already and it is time to learn all of the basic, theories, laws of driving. The environment is the same as when you attend your classes except this going to be 6-hours talk (with rest, of course) from morning to the evening. I learnt and knew a lot of things during the talk. I learned about the signs, what-to-do when something emergency happens, laws and etc. Not everything on the book is covered during this process so I need to study by myself through the book. When I got back, I started to study a bit and do some notes. Other than that, I tried some tests available online for my exercises. On 22 February, I called my driving institution to book my computer test and there are few dates given for me to choose so I chose 26 February instead. I have a few days left to study everything on KPP 01 and be ready for my computer test.

26 February 2019

Today is my computer test. I was nervous and my heart beating so fast. I went to the driving institution this morning and they brought me to the place for the computer test. I registered there and wait for my turn to enter the room. No bag, phone or notes allowed so I left everything in the locker provided. Once I entered the room and go to my PC, I entered my IC number and start the test. There are two languages available for the test which are Malay and English. The test has 3 three sections and the time given is 40 minutes. I read the questions very carefully so that I won't answer the wrong one. There are some questions that I got confused so I left it for a while and answer the other questions first. Once I am done with the questions, I go back to the question that I do not answer earlier and try to find the answer through my mind. For the last time, I look through my answers and check the result. Can you guys guess if I fail the computer test or not? Count to three once you have decided the answer. 1... 2... 3... The answer is I passed the test! Yay! It was my first time and I nailed it! I went out of the room and took my results. By the way, the passing score is 42/50. I look at the results and my score was 47/50 which means I got three questions wrong. I guess that was the questions that I got confused. But overall, I did it. I told my family my results and they congrats me. I went back to the driving institution and pass out my result. I will get a call from them once it is done with the process which I guess my L license.

So yeah, that was my part one of my experiences when taking a driving license. I glad that everything happened so well until now. The easy part is done and I'm so scared for the next part. Never once in my life, I drive a car before so I'm quite scared to start the practical part. Hopefully, things go well as plan. Aminn.

Do you have a driving license? I would love to know your experiences taking a driving license too.


  1. All the best for the next step! :)

  2. Oho~ Tahniah dah dapat lesen L. Pahni buleh semangat bawak kereta. nak tanya kalau belaja auto, nanti kalau kena manual buleh bawak x?

    heee, sis ada lesen tapi peram dalam purse je. tahun ni la expired selepas 2012 . haha

    1. Terima kasih. Hehe. Dah lama dah berangan nak bawa kereta ni. Tunggu lesen selesai dulu. Kalau amik auto dapat lesen nanti memang kena bawak kereta auto, kereta manual tak boleh. Tapi kalau amik manual nak bawak kereta auto boleh 😊

      Alaa, kenapa tak drive tu? Rugi lesen terperam je..

  3. yes! adaa. hahaha jaja punya pengalaman kena test dgn jpj perempuan, tak banyak ckp pun jpj tu tp nervous nya alahai

    1. Kalau Syaza nanti mesti nervous dua kali ganda bila dengan jpj nanti. Hopefully dapat jpj yg okay. Hehe 😊

  4. I don't hehe Aida pernah ambil lesen before ni and unfortunately I failed. Dah 2 tahun lesen L expired 😂 dan saya masih tkde keyakinan utk start balik. InsyaAllah nanti2 saya belajar driving lagi. By the way, wish you all the best and I'm confident you will nail it 💖✌🏻


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