Being the Only Sister

Monday, 4 March 2019

Hello, lovelies! This is my second attempt to make this post into words but I failed on my first try. I just couldn't make it. But this time I tried my best and make sure that I finish it by all mean.

So back to the topic.

Some of you might already know this, some are not but I am a sister to my four brothers. Each of them has very different personalities and characteristics. I don't know how to conclude this but I struggled a bit in the past.

I somehow feel jealous for someone who has a sister or a brother as you can rely on them no matter what but being the oldest, all the responsibilities are on your shoulder. I'm afraid that I failed to be a good sister to my four brothers. In fact, I rely a lot on my brothers. They taught me a lot in life. Eventhough I am older than them but I am still lacking in so many things while they are more experience and way better than me. Eventhough I am older than them, I can be the most childish and sensitive one in my sibling while my brothers are more matured than me. Maybe because I am the only girl in the sibling so I tend to act like the attention should be on me.

The only con that I have of being the only sister is I am alone. I have nobody to share my stories or talk with every single time. I do talk and share my stories to my other family members too but talking and sharing with someone from the same gender is different. Huge different to be exact. While my brothers, they have four who they can easily talk or share with.

But yeah. I do not regret or feeling down at all. I have my family who I can rely on and be there when I need them the most. That is what I treasure the most. My family is my everything. That is why every time we gather together, I feel more than happiest. I am so thankful and grateful for that. Alhamdullilah.

I shared mine. What about yours?

Are you the oldest or the youngest one in your family?


  1. This is so true, sometimes being the eldest,i just dont know who should i talk to. It is different with siblings compare to parent.

    1. I know right? We just need someone to talk to but we don't know who. But hopefully we are going to be okay. Fighting, sister! 💕

  2. hey...

    i am the only child :p

    1. I bet you somehow feel the same way as I am. Am I right? 😉


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