Wednesday, 13 March 2019

One fact about me, I have a hoarder disorder. But it not that serious, I hope so. According to the website, hoarding disorder is excessively keeping items that others may value as worthless. Hoarders tend to save items cause they think they might need it in the future, or it is a sentimental and valuable item. Someone who has hoarding disorder tends to have difficulties getting rid of and somehow can disrupt the ability to use their living or work spaces. Just in case you want to know more in deep about hoarding disorder, just check out this post that Aiman Psikologis shared on his page.

A few days ago, I watched videos on Youtube as usual and a video about Marie Kondo was on the suggestions videos. If you didn't know who Marie Kondo is, she is an home-organizing expert. I watched the videos and I kept on watching more and more videos afterwards and I found it interesting to watch and satisfying at the same time. I looked at my room. There are so many things and I know it disrupts me at some point but I just keep it away. But then I knew that I should change my lifestyle. So I decided to declutter items that I do not use for more than six months and items that I do not need at all.

I am still in the process of decluttering though. I did it section by section cause it might take a while if I did everything at the same time by room can be in the mess so I do not want that to happen. I did my bookshelf area, my beauty table and my bedside table. Now only my wardrobes left which I am going to do by this Friday or maybe earlier. I need to take out all the clothes, boxes and all then do the konmari method.

The Konmari Method:

  1. Commit yourself to tidy up
  2. Imagine your ideal life
  3. Finish letting first
  4. Tidy by category, not location
  5. Follow the right order
  6. Ask yourself if it sparks joy

You guys do not know how many plastics I used to fill all the items that I do not need anymore. It was a lot. I never know that I have so many items. Can you imagine that I still keep the empties products that I used years ago? Oh, one more. I also kept all of the packagings of the items that I bought. And yes, I still keep them until then just because I thought I would need it in the future but the fact is I am not. I feel sad to let the items that I kept for years go but I think it is the right time. Now that I throw some away I feel better. I am glad that I finally did it. My room looks so much better and I have more spaces to use now. 



  1. "Does it spark joy?" Hehe. Good for you! Hope you'll get everything done soon :)

    I'm planning to declutter my stuff once I'm back in Malaysia but I'm seriously not looking forward to do it.

  2. I'm a hoarder too. I keep the boxes of cosmetics, cases or any boxes I get. I also keep every plastic bag I get when I purchase anything even 'thank you' plastic. There's a lot more fyi. I am trying to throw them all but I couldn't.

  3. Same goes to me. I really have that kind of sentimental value somehow and i really cant get rid of it somehow

  4. i think me too asap have to start decluttering things. i have so many things and even yang dah expired. damn !! have to sit down n start buang yang tak perlu dah..

  5. empties from years before? that is something sis.

    that spark joy thing really did something in me. i was decluttering things so viciously. but the clear feeling afterward is totally worth it. go marie go!


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