Monthly Roundup + Highlights : February 2019

Saturday, 2 March 2019

Another great month to be grateful for. I really hope that it will continue like this until the end of the year. How can 28 days fly so fast? There's nothing much happened in the month of February but I like it that I learnt new things every day.


● Went to Kedah

It was the Chinese New Year holiday and my family went to my father's hometown which is Alor Setar, Kedah. This trip was double the fun since we went to Gunung Jerai and visited my uncle. Here are some photos that I took using my phone.

📍 Masjid Zahir, Alor Setar, Kedah.

This photo was taken when I was in the car on the way to the mosque. It was so quick and luckily I managed to take a few photos of this view. We went there a few times already and I really like the architectures and designs.

📍 Gunung Jerai, Yan, Kedah.

It was the last minute plan. We got free time and have nothing to do so we decided to get to Gunung Jerai. We rented a van to bring us the uphill since it can be hard to drive especially with a big car. Not to mention the car was not in the great condition and we do not want to risk anything so we took the van instead. Never thought that it also has jammed up there. We spent around two hours at the top of Gunung Jerai, walking and took some photos there. It quite chills there and I love it so much.

📍 Langgar, Kedah.

My uncle and her family moved to a new house last year and the best part is, it is surrounded by the paddy fields. As a town girl, this is interesting to me. I got to see and touch the paddy by myself. I'm looking forward to seeing this kind of moments again in the future.

● Registered driving lesson

I cannot believe that it is happening right now. It happened so fast and I am currently waiting for my L license. I did a blog post about my experiences of my driving license on my previous posts if you missed it, do check them out. [Link: here]


Spring Is Gone By Chance - Yuju (Gfriend) feat. Loco ◆ Dalla Dalla - ITZY ◆ Halimunan - Masya Masyitah ◆ Piri - Dreamcatcher ◆ Daydream - Dreamcatcher ◆ And There Was No One Left - Dreamcatcher ◆ Diamond - Dreamcatcher


Dia Menantu Rahsia ◆ I Am Not A Robot

Malay drama that I currently watching at the moment is Dia Menantu Rahsia. It is about to end and I still on episode 11. But I did watch some latest episodes though. And the feelings are still the same. I am quite annoyed by Syakir's mom and Kamelia. Both of them are just from another level that I cannot stand them everytume they appear on the screen. I don't know if I'm able to finish all of the episodes though cause I think I might stop watching it right now. For I am Not A Robot, I give it full credit. I love it so much especially the storyline is different than the others. It was funny at the beginning and slowly to get sad especially when Kim Min Kyu was so attached with the robot aka Ji Ah but the 'robot' was also started to have a feeling towards the owner. If you haven't watched the drama already, you should give it a try. I'm pretty sure you will love it too.


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  1. I should share movies I've watched for my monthly review. Anywayy. Gunung jerai is beautiful. It's has been so long. Congrats for the L license!

  2. I'm planning to watch I'm not Robot real soon.. haha..

  3. Going on a vacation away from home would always be the fun part in life.
    Congrats on taking the driving license!
    Wishing you'll have a better month ahead in March!


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