Monthly Highlights + Roundup : April 2019

Monday, 13 May 2019

This post supposed to be published on early May but I missed the day and extend it till today.

Remember on the previous posts I mentioned that I want to skip April? Now that it is at the end of the month of April, I feel like it came true. I went through a lot this month but everything went very smooth day by day. I experienced a lot of first things this month and I also recently moved to Shah Alam for studying. How I feel about everything? I feel great. I got to meet new people, got to learn new things, got to study, and more. I'm glad that chose this way. I feel better and slowly recovering from my anxiety and mild depression.


Being a student

It all started with a MTS for 5 days and continued at my uni for another two days. It was packed and full of activities, talk and more. I remember the time when we had to wake up at 3.30 in the morning to get ready before we gather an hour later. I barely got enough sleep at that time but it was such a great experience. Last week I started to attend classes. I missed the feeling of being a student again. Everything was good. I got to met new people and totally grateful for it.

Drive a car

Currently on the KPP 02 where I need to know more about the car and everything in the bonnet things. Then my driving teacher sat on the passenger seat and ask me to drive. I'm not expecting it to be this fast but I did anyway. I finally drove a car, guys. Gonna talk more about it in my next post.

Move to Shah Alam

Since my Uni is at Shah Alam, Selangor so I have to stay there so it will be easier for me to go to class and everything. Its been a while since I am away from my family but I think I'm going to be fine cause my brother also at Shah Alam so nothing to worry about. Plus I am going back to KL every weekend so there is not a problem at all. Homesick? Maybe in the first few days that I am away but sometimes I do miss home.


Kill This Love - BLACKPINK ◆ Violeta - IZONE ◆ When Night Is Falling - PUNCH ◆ Cheers (Zzan) - GFRIEND


The one and only drama that I watched this month were Nur 2. This drama was famous especially with the plots. I sometimes was mad at Nur just by her actions. Not to mention how hard Juita is to seduce Adam and Ustaz Hamadi is an evil. I'm glad that he died at the end of the series cause I cannot accept him for any longer anymore.


Monthly Roundup + Highlights : April 2019
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