Dramas that I Currently Watching

Tuesday, 20 August 2019

I have a lot of free time now so I am watching quite a few dramas these days. It is not that much but to keep up all the episodes at one time seems possible for me. Especially when the shows are still ongoing. But it is okay. I will finish it by watching one to one drama. That's work, actually. Doesn't it feel weird that I think I watch more Malay dramas now? As you know me, I usually watch K-dramas more than Malay but this time I got attached to some new dramas that currently aired after watching some of the episodes on the television.

Kau Yang Pertama
I must say that the story is quite a cliche but I love it! I can slightly guess what is going to happen next but something from that drama that makes me smile when watching it. I don't know what it is. maybe because of Rose or maybe because of Kak Zaza. 

Kerana Dia Manusia Biasa
Shukri Yahya never disappoints, I must say. Just give him any characters to him and I am 100% sure he will nail it. I watched some of the episodes when it aires on television but only a few episodes to the end. So I planned to start watching the drama from the first episodes. So far I kinda like the story and it makes me curious what is going on between them in the past.

Hotel Del Luna
This drama is good! This is my first time watching IU's drama and her acting in this drama is perry good. I love every single reaction she made. I do not know why I sleep on her before. Just like what others said before, this drama just reminds me of Goblin and a little bit of Along with The God. Not too much but just a little bit. The story is quite interesting. Whoever thought that there is a hotel for the ghosts and spirits? Did you noticed beautiful IU is in this drama? Her outfits, hairstyles are superb. I like it a lot!

Suamiku Mr Blind
I remembered during my Diploma days, my roommate has the novel and I keep on reading it again and again. After I heard the news that there will be an adaptation from the novel, I am excited to see how it is going to be since there will be a lot of scene of Aidil since he is blind. But guess what? Even after I reread for many times I still cannot remember the storyline until I watch the drama and kind of get what is going on. 

What kind of genre do you prefer to watch?


  1. I think we don't have those dramas in Turkey however I am not lover of dramas. :)

  2. I've been wanting to watch Hotel De Luna but haven't got the time for that yet. gosh i love stoping by here. loving your blog even more.

  3. I am sooo gonna watch Hotel De Luna :>

  4. I'm so into Hotel Del Luna right now, IU is too pretty in every episode 🤤

  5. Hotel Del Luna is totally in my to-be-watched list. I love fantasy romance dramas! I also love some historical and rom-coms sometimes haha. I'm currently watching Arthdal Chronicles and it's good so far.


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