Late Night Playlist

Wednesday, 14 August 2019

There is a night where you trying so hard to fall asleep but at the end of the night, you just cannot close your eyes. Then you open a playlist on your phone and listen to it. Those nights usually happened when you are sad or full of thoughts and the songs play usually are a ballad, sad love song. Yeah, this playlist is suitable for those situations.

  1. Can U Smile - Infinite
  2. Cold - BTOB
  3. Thinking of You - Katy Perry
  4. Stand by Me - BTOB Blue
  5. Sampai Bila - Misha Omar
  6. Divine - Girls' Generation
  7. Mermaid - Gfriend
  8. 180° - BEN
  9. Waktu Yang Salah - Fiersa Besari, Thantri
  10. Rewind - Lovelyz
  11. 11:11 - Taeyeon
  12. Fine - Taeyeon
  13. Back to December - Taylor Swift

I am sure it just not me that have this kind of playlist. Or I am wrong? Let me know if you have this kind of playlist. 


  1. My fav playlist so far.. For kpop is all of bigbang's songs haha..
    Other like Don't Forget by iKON..
    Ratu by Faizal Tahir

  2. yep! ada juga playlist lagu lagu slow & I listen to it on rainy day often

  3. Sad songs are perfect for a midnight lullaby ;)

  4. Hi syaza! I've shared my late night spotify playlist in my blog. Do check them out if you're interested hehe. We humans do love our sad songs right? What a way to be sadder sigh..


    1. I will check them out soon. Thanks for sharing! For me only sad songs can help me from sorrow 😢

  5. I love GG's Divine because it gives weird feelings about it I'm not really sure but still I love it.
    Sometimes I feel like I wanna cry after listening to it.

    1. I know the feeling. I feel so sentimental every time I listen to Divine 😢


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