Life Updates + Plans on Semester Break

Monday, 5 August 2019

Hello, guys. Do you still remember me? I have been away from blogging for so so long and I am back for good. Blogging is not just a hobby but a passion and it feels so good to do something that I passionate about. I missed blogging so much yet I had no time to keep updating my blog due to my assessments that I had every single week. But, since I am currently on my semester break for three weeks I guess I would like to take this time as a fresh start for me to blog.

There is nothing much changed in my life except that I am a student now and balancing study, life and blog is hard for me. I do not know how others can do it, they seem pretty consistent in updating their blog eventhough they are busy while I am here struggling. Since I am free these three weeks, let see what I am going to do on my semester break.

Watching Korean Dramas

The latest Korean drama that I watched last month was Angel's Last Mission: Love and it was great. So now I am currently contemplating on which dramas to watch cause I had a lot to choose from. Her Private Life or My Fellow Citizen or My First First Love or Hotel Del Luna. All of them were on my Next-To-Watch-List but now I cannot choose which one to choose first. Have you watched any of the dramas? Which one you think is the best?

Reading novels or books

Reading used to be my hobby. I remember how passionate I am on reading the novel back then but it is possible now for me to keep it up as I rarely buy books or novels. Even the novels that I bought during the KLIBF was still untouched, how can I buy some more? But yeah, I am going to read a novel titled Mr Sexy Sugar by Crystal Anabella by this week and see how long it took for me to finish it up.

Cleaning and revive my room

Other than my blog, I also have been neglected my room for so long. I spent a long time in my room but somehow it just looks plain. Eventhough things are in place but still not neat and pleasing to my eyes. So I want to clean, dust off some areas, put some scented candles or potpourri with essential oils. I just want my room to be cosy and calm at the same time.


Being away from home was one of the reasons why I stopped online shopping for a while. So now since I am home and free, I guess it is the right time to shop things that I wanted to buy. Just random things like phone case, skincare products and some gadgets. I cannot wait for all the items to arrive.

I guess that is all. For these three weeks break, I just want to enjoy, chill and do things that I love the most. I'm sorry for being away all this time. More to come in the future and I hope you will look forward to that. xo


  1. Hotel Del Luna is great! It reminds me of goblin <3
    I finished Angels Last Mission too, it was nice, but Hotel Del Luna is better in my opinion <3

    1. I am currently watching the first episode of Hotel Del Luna while replying to your comment. I hope I will like it too 😊


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