A Little Me Day

Saturday, 21 September 2019

This random thought of mine where I just thought why not having ME DAY on last Thursday (12 September 2019). I was about to go back to KL and the night before I decided to watch a movie and eat everything that I want. You know it is about the time of the month and I am craving for some foods. 

So I went to NU Sentral and my first stop is 4Fingers. It was still morning so it is quite empty. I ordered 6 pieces of Wingettes and Drumettes (Mix) with Teriyaki Rice. I enjoyed every pieces while watching some episodes of Law of the Jungle. It did not stop there. I went to Family Mart to eat. Yes, you read it right. I ate for the second round. This time I just ordered a few pieces of Family Mart oden. 

Since I already full at that time, I guess why not chill for a while and watch some movie. I went to GSC and bought a ticket. I decided to watch Sangkar cause why not. For your information, this is my first time watching a movie alone and trust me guys, it is a different world for me. Maybe because I used to watch with someone else and watching alone is totally change the vibes. I enjoyed it the most, to be honest, and I can see myself do it again in the future. I then wander around the mall. I went to the Guardian and Watsons. Pss, it is a must! and got a few items.

To wrap up my day, I went to Melawati Mall just to spent my time there. I went to Daiso, Kaison, Mr DIY and a few more stores. I bought nothing there but I love going to the stores and checking out the stuff and enjoy my time there. Oh ya, I just remembered that I bought some sushi at Empire Sushi for me to eat at home.

After doing it, I feel like I want to have this kind of days every single month. Or maybe next time I can be pampering myself by going to the hair or nail salon? We will see. I know this is just me watching a movie, eating and wander around the mall alone but the main point here is how I value and appreciate my own self. Make time for yourself and try it. I am pretty sure you gonna love it too.

What is your thoughts about having a ME DAY?


  1. I think ever since I graduated, I've been having a me day almost every day? Hahaha. I get to do whatever I want. I wish to go to 4Fingers one day! I love fried chicken so much. Daiso, Kaison and MR. DIY are definitely my favourite places as well hehe

  2. I remembered not believing myself watching movie alone but once I did it, it wasn't so bad at all. For me time, I looove to shopping alone

  3. Once in a while, a me time is what we need hehe


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