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Wednesday, 18 September 2019

Hello everyone. How are you? I hope that you are well despite the haze and high temperature in Malaysia. I am having flu and sore throat for the past few days and I hate being sick and on medicines actually. I wish that this haze situation will end as soon as possible cause all I need is clean and fresh air back. Now back to the title. I feel like it was yesterday that I posted a blog post about my semester break and now I already on week four of my second semester. Glad that I did everything that I planned as I can now focus back on my study. This was supposed to be published on my last day of semester break but I got busy and here I am. During the last few days of my break, I went to Mr DIY to get some stuff that I need. There is nothing much though, just a basic necessity for students like stationary. So, here are the items that I bought.

Category 1: Paper

Test pad, Folder, Sticky Note

Test pad is a MUST. I am pretty sure that the student will agree with this statement. Am I right? You can do your notes, tutorials with this kind of paper. Easy to use and neat too. Rainbow coloured folder and the sticky note are so cute. I cannot resist it when I saw cute things so I decided to buy it eventhough I do not need it that much. The folder can be used to store or keep notes or any paper documents so it will be easy to find whenever you need it.

Category 2: Pens

Highlighter, Black gel pens and Blue gel pens

I actually already have highlighters at home but I bought another set for me to bring to Shah Alam so that I do not have to bring back to KL if I want to use it. Gel pens are kind of must-have for me. Of course, I am having basic black and blue pens. Other coloured pens are optional actually plus I already have lots at home so I do not need to buy it again even though I am so tempted to buy more.

Category 3: Stationery

Eraser, Pencil lead, Glue tape, Correction tape and rulers.

For these kinds of stationaries, I prefer to buy them in a bundle or more so that I do not have to purchase another one in the future and sometimes I do share it with my siblings whenever they need one. Glue tape is pretty new to me. I didn't know it existed until I saw one in bullet journal Instagram post. It is very convenient and easy to use with less mess. I am glad that I found it at Mr DIY cause it is accessible just in case I need a new on in the future.

What did you usually buy when you went to Mr DIY?


  1. Alaaa rindu kerja DIY huhu. Selalu beli apa2 yg baru kikiki tapi sejak dah resign dah lama tak jejak diy

  2. I love to collect notebook and pens hehe.. I never miss to bought it..

  3. when masuk je diy, ofc feii akan cari stationery dulu. but mildliner is one of my stationery wishlist jugak hehe

  4. i love stationery! i have quite a collection myself! maybe i should do a stationery collection, eh? the sticky notes is too cute!

  5. I lovee the sticky notes and the highlighters! I've been wanting to buy the Zebra Mildliner highlighter set but it's quite expensive and I don't even use highlighters that much. I guess the MR.DIY's can be an alternative. And we can even find a glue tape at MR. DIY? I'm totally gonna get that as well!

  6. I usually bought a pencil case at Mr DIY because I stan its design tapi kalau macam the rest pen etc, I usually go to Mydin sebab murah! :D

  7. I love stationery haul! Nak pergi Mr DIY la this week

  8. My gel pens are all from Mr DIY. I usually bought the 10+10 black gel pens (along with the refill). It's cheap!

  9. I loveeeee going to Mr DIY but I rarely go there because I'll definitely buy something if I go there. Usually I will buy notebooks! Hehehe


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