Runningman 1st Fan Meeting in Seoul | Reacting to Group Dancing

Wednesday, 25 September 2019


Watching the latest episodes of Runningman every week has been my routine for years since high school and I still do it until now. It is a must that once I missed it, my week feel like it is not complete. Runningman already aired for 9 years, guys! I feel so proud that they are still together until now. I cannot imagine if this show not airing anymore. I would be disappointed and sad, trust me.

So, on the latest episode of Runnningman which also the highlight of the Runningman 1st Fan Meeting in Seoul where Runningman members need to dance to Boom and Just Blow. They have been practising for the dance move for three months and finally, we can see their hard work. This part is the part that I am waiting for the most cause most of them are not major in dancing and I wanted to see how well they dance.

With Lia Kim's help, they nailed the dance and I am so proud of them! I remember back then when it comes to dancing, Ji Hyo always dances to Hot Issue by 4Minute which is cute though but look at her now! She looks so pretty and sexy with every move. She improved a lot. Not to mention, despite being the oldest member, Seok Jin still managed to keep up the other members. Age is not a problem at all. And the rest of the members did well too. My favourite part of the dance is the relay dance and Song Ji Hyo and So Min. 

Once they finished the dance, I cannot help but cry watching their teamwork.  Even Ji Hyo crying when they finished the dance. I am so proud of them and cannot help but rewatching the dance again and again. I feel so emotional watching it but grateful that Ji Hyo and Jong Kook are still with Runningman or else I don't know how to feel about it. As a fan of Runningman, I know they have been experiencing ups and downs especially after Gary left the show but with the new members, Se Chan and So Min they make it back to normal. Many people might stop watching Runningman after Gary left but I still and will be watching Runningman until the end. 

Runningman, fighting!

What do you think about the dance?

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