My Gadget-Free Activities

Sunday, 6 October 2019

Spending too much time on smartphones somehow is not good for our health especially eyes. Even I can't help myself from using my phone for hours to watch Korean dramas, listening to songs, updating my blog posts and so on. It would be better at any time for a few hours that I set a time where I go for gadget-free activities.

I usually play Sudoku on my phone but I think using a phone is quite hassle so I bought a new Sudoku book last month for me to play when I have free time. Sudoku is a bit challenging but once you know the tricks, you will get over it. One box can take almost 15 minutes or maybe longer than that but it is a fun game to play! Especially when the box filled with the correct numbers and you will be excited for the next part just like how I feel.

This one is a healing process for me. I printed some colouring pages and start colouring when I am bored. Every time I start to colour, my mind just went away and I stay focus on what I am doing. Seeing the results of the colour is so satisfying and calming at the same time. 

I haven't done this for a long time and I wonder what is happening to me. I have a few novels that I haven't touch or read much this year either. I have my to-be-read-list though but nothing changed at all. This upcoming two weeks will be my semester break so let's hope that I pick a novel and read it. Faster than that is better to give me some mood back.

I found myself to bullet journal again after taking a break from it. Writing and planning is part of my healing too. I am now looking forward to opening my bullet journal after buying more stationaries stuffs like pens, washi tapes, stickers and more. I took about an hour to plan my day and decide what to do first. It is healing for me as I distract myself and mind from bad thoughts.

To be honest, my room is not always messy but I tend to not put back things to their places and that's how it get really mess at one point. To get the mood of cleaning my room, I usually prefer to do it at night. I know it is weird but I work better at night. Plus, there is no sun during the time so I won't sweat that much. 

Once a week, I took a day to pamper myself. This is a must as self-care is very important. Guess what I did to pamper myself? I did a home friendly treatment. Basically, I just did some facial treatments like cleansing, exfoliate, wearing a clay or sheet mask. steaming my face and more. Or I did a body treatment like cutting my nails, applying nail polish, trimming my hair, waxing and what not. You know the weekly routine that we must do to keep it clean and look nice.

What do you do when you are going offline?


  1. Selalunya layan drama ke movie ke yg download tpi tak smpat tgok lah. Most of the tim emmg hadap laptop je sbb kerja huhu Blogwalking weekend sini :D

  2. I would probably off eating, sleeping, reading or journaling whenever I'm not online. But most of the time I'm with my phone, I watch anime and series a lot XD


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