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Friday, 11 October 2019

It is a haul post, everyone! For your information, I wanted to publish this post a long time ago but things got on my way so my blog got pushed away until recently I got some time to take pictures of these items eventhough during the process my camera battery was dying and I got no choice but to use my phone instead. Or else this post will not be posted at all.

Last month, I bought some beauty products and most of it is to replace the empties products that I used in the past. All the items I bought was during Guardian sale at a good price except for the IN2IT lip tint cause this range only available at Watsons. I'm so happy with my purchase, to be honest.

Guardian Goat's Milk Moisturising Hand & Body Lotion
I can't recall what my previous lotion was, but I am currently using Enchanteur Perfumed Body Lotion (Romantic) at the moment. That one smell so good and I love it so much. But I got a new lotion to bring back to my hostel. For this goat's milk lotion, the scent is not as strong as Enchanteur one but it still nice. Very thick consistency so it will moisturize my skin very well. The bottle is so huge and I think it will last me for a long time. 

Happy Mask Moisturising Sea Algae Clay Mask
Using a clay mask is good for those who have combination or oily skin just like me. There is various type of clay mask according to your need but the one that I got is specifically for hydration one. I tried it a few times already and for me, it is not bad. It works as a mask but for the hydration part, I can't say much about it since I just tried it. But a full review will be coming up when the day comes. 

au Fairy Mermaid Elixir 2X Hydration Sheet Mask with Charcoal Extract
I need to restock my sheet mask as I am about to run out of it. I decided to get this sheet mask due to the cute packaging. It has two types of sheet mask. If I am not mistaken, one for hydrating and the other one is for brightening. I haven't heard about this brand before and it is new to me. I haven't tried the sheet mask yet but I am looking forward to trying it as soon as possible.

IN2IT Lip Poppin' Tint (03 Kiss Me)
You guys do not know how much I love this lip tint. I bought this due to my previous lip tint which is Tony Moly Lip Tint is about to finish. The reasonable price is the reason why I picked this tint up and I also currently in the process of finding my favourite lip tint. This might be one of it. The shade that I got is very suitable for my skin tone and perfect for every day. 

Loreal Paris Infallible 24H Fresh Wear Foundation (120 Vanilla)
Can you guys believe I got this foundation from Guardian for only RM20?! This is such a good bargain. I actually had a hard time finding the perfect foundation that matches my skin tone since my face is a bit tan than my hand and body. But this is not bad too. I love the finish and the coverage is quite good too. 

That's all I have for now. Hope you enjoy reading this kind of post. Do let me know if you want any review of the products that I mentioned in this post so I can make a post about it as soon as possible. Enjoy your weekend and have a nice day! x

What are the items that you bought recently?


  1. it has been quite some time i didnt buy anything hahaha..
    i mean beauty products. really need to go n buy things..

  2. Recently , I also purchase a new lotion from enchanteur which is the cocoa one! So in love with it XD

  3. That IN2IT lip tint is my current fav! I even grabbed more than 1 for my personal stock hehe. Anyway, hopefully we can expect a review coming from you soon for that foundation. I'd love to know your thoughts! xx

    lenne | blog

  4. Saya pun baru je beli masks dari Au Fairy, nak tukar duit kecik tapi tak tau nak beli apa so beli je lah mask ni hehe
    Kalau tak silap ada lagi dua jenis and they all 4 kinds of mask altogether. Lagi dua tu kalau tak silap for Nourishing and Whitening.

    I never try this brand before so looking forward to how it will turn out on my skin.


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